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Republicans what is your opinion on this?

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How hard is it to figure out your gender? what the serious crap?

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    I've never had a problem with homosexuality.

    I've never had a problem with transsexuals who are, quite frankly, in transition or have done so.

    That said, I draw the line at all this latest lunacy regarding 60-odd genders, gender fluidity, and so on.

    I think we're seeing a desperation to appear unique - a marginalized individual, who no one else understands. Homosexuality and run-of-the-mill transgender? That's old hat, baby. There's nothing special about you.

    But slide up and down the "gender spectrum" every day and, boy, you're a special,little snowflake. Time to make a video on Tumblr about how no one understands you.

    Check out the dude on Facebook (biggest Adam's apple I've seen) , who claims he's female and, as luck would have it , a lesbian as well. In short, he's a dude who bangs chicks, but gets two special victim cards (transgender and lesbian). Mind you, he's had no surgery. He wears dresses and doesn't cut his hair.

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    3 years ago

    Why was he describing himself in the beginning of the video?

    "I'm offended and I need to make a youtube video rant about other people's lives who have nothing to do with my life!!! And I'm going to look all bug eyed into the camera while doing it!

    You know those people who are always offended and look into the camera all weird? Yeah, THOSE people!! They offend me and here's my rage rant on it!!"


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