would a minor in environmental policy come in handy for civil engineering?

or is it a waste of time?


I live in Florida

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  • 3 years ago
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    That depends in part on your location and/or

    willingness to travel. Forestry and waste management

    play a critical role in water resources.

    Geology (and geo-phyto-morphology) are essential

    elements, and can be critical in selected topography.

    Architecture that blends with and compliments the

    environment is a well established trend.

    I have your update.

    With little average elevation, and a predicted sea level

    increase of about 1 meter in the next 5 decades, Florida's

    aquifers will be threatened by salt water incursion unless

    steps are taken to enhance fresh water penetration and


    The spectrum of soil conditions will require a variety

    of steps and remedies which are likely in planning stages


    Environment and Ecology will shape Engineering strategy.

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      Thank you for choosing a best answer.
      The future is uncertain, but possibilities
      are extreme:

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