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Help! Weird smell down there...?

This is a little embarrassing and a little long but PLEASE help me! Okay so I got checked back in march. Ever since then we've been trying to get my results BUT WE JUST CAN'T! They always say they will call back and I am SOOOO irritated. My mom said it's probuly okay since they haven't got in contact with me. Recently I started having sex with a guy who was tested (was good) but had sex again with someone else before me.

I don't think I have an STD but I could never know. I also have had poor hygiene for a while (I just turned 16). I'm trying to fix this btw. Ik it's bad... but right after my period (and I had had sex verryyy recently so I doubt symptoms would show so early). I also just started birth control (I had some pills from last year I stopped taking cause I didn't wanna be sexually active then). But since I am I am taking them behind my moms back.

Right after my period I started have a lot of brown discharge (the first day) it wasn't THAT heavy but I did need a pad. 3 days later (rn) my discharge is still brown but it is not heavy at all but when I put my finger in there it comes out brown. It was odorless but today I smell (I did not take a bath yesterday but I will take one today) btw I take showers like 4 days week (I KNOW IT WAS A HABBIT I MADE AS A LITTLE KID AND IM NOW GOING TO FIX IT). I am becoming worried (more paranoid since I HAVE had sex) please help me. IM YOUNG AND STUPID IM SORRY I NEED HELP please.

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    Go to a sexual health clinic.

    If you're not getting results back then go to another clinic, and as you're experiencing new symptoms you need to go back.

    You need to ensure there's no infection or STD's, that goes double if you're sexually active as it's not just your health on the line - I hope you're using condoms and other barriers (FYI: there's no reliable test for HPV in men and people cheat, so that he's been tested doesn't mean there's no risk from him if you don't practice safer sex), you need regular tests and to practice safer sex.

    If using hormonal birth control then remember this shuts down your entire menstrual cycle to stop ovulation (also preventing fertile cervical mucus and secondary uterine lining) so rather than menstruation you get withdrawal bleeds. This is a big change you're putting your body through so some irregular bleeding can be normal for the first three months, which may explain your spotting. For the record vaginal infections are also more common with hormonal birth control so this may be a factor to consider here too.

    You need to take better care of your hygiene, again for the sake of you and your partner. Wash daily using water only - if you need to shower then your genitals may smell bad, more so again if sexually active (even if using condoms there's risk of pH imbalance from spermicide, lubricants, when aroused your vaginal pH changes, and bacteria from sex can impact on vaginal flora too).

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