Which type of book should I publish?

I have a degree BSc in Computers. I have wrote and published a book in Diet/Health/Nutrition. Should I write more of these or should I write about computers?

If I want to write about diet and nutrition, should I pursue a degree in nutrition?

or should I just stick on writing about computers, such as affiliate marketing, how to make money online, etc.

I was also thinking to publish a book about how to do forex. Do you think with my Bsc in computers will be a problem, or do I need a degree in economics or mba?

what are your thoughts?

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  • 3 years ago

    While having a degree or other credentials certainly adds credibility for an author, most writers simply research the topics they write about. You can cite your sources (more casually than you would for academic/scholarly writing) and add a bibliography showing them at the end of your book to show that you did the research.

    Two areas where it's often expected that the authors have professional background are health/medical and legal books. Nutrition falls under health/medical. There have been nutrition books by people who are not dietitians, nutritionists or doctors, and some of them have been bestsellers. You would need to back up your claims by referring to studies done or quoting professionals.

    As far as which subjects to write on, if you're planning to self-publish and market your content online, your best bet is to create books on several topics and see how they sell. Then keep writing on the winning subjects. The key here is niches. A general nutrition guide is fine, but there are already a lot of those. So write nutrition guides for specific health conditions or a book devoted to the advantages and consequences of using a certain vitamin supplement, or whatever.

    I've been using nutrition as an example, but you'd do the same thing for computers. You can write a buyer's guide or a how to manual, but yours needs to offer information not already done to death online. How about a Technology for Seniors series? Not treating them as dummies, but explaining the basics in ways relating to their frame of reference.

  • 3 years ago

    What do your editor and publisher think?

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