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Create a large family set?

Surname: Baudelaire, Essex, Barranqueiro, Van Houten


FN- William, Henry, Oliver, Samuel, Edward, Charles

MN- you pick


FN&MN- you pick

Son 1:

FN- Alejandro, Santiago, Emmanuel, Michelangelo

MN- A spanish name

Twins Daughter 1:

FN- Viktoria, Natasha 'Sasha', Vailisa, Tatiana, Aleksandra

MN- Veronika, Alina, Svetlana, Christina, Evelina

Twin Son 2

FN- Roman, Alexei, Dimitrios/Dimitri, Stefan

MN- Victor, Misha, Igor,

Daughter 2

FN - Klaudia or Elsa

MN- Magdalena or Polina

Daughter 3 - Darcy Rose

Son 3

FN- Theodore, Mason, Louis, Eric

MN- Frederick, William, Olivier, Tomas, Andrew

Daughter 4

FN- Madeleine, Esme, Chloe, Felicité, Adeline

MN- Clemance, Angelique, Claudette, Eleanore

Triplet son 4

FN- Maximilian, Nicolas, Zacarias

MN- Giorgio

Triplet daughter 5

FN- Ruby, Selina, Antonella, Maria, Carolina, Elena, Sofia, Zoe

MN- you pick

Triplet daughter 6

FN- Scarlett, Ariana, Anastasia, Aurora, Arielle, Rosalía

MN- Caitlin

Daughter 7

FN- Aoife, Cara, Eve, Ciara, Orla

MN- Belle, Saoirse, Tierney,

Daughter 8

FN- Octavia, Cassandra, Acacia, Callista, Cleo, Penelope

MN - you pick

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    Dad age 48 • William Piotr Essex

    Mum age 49 • Juliana Alejandra Barrangqueiro-Essex

    Son age 22 • Santiago Luis Essex "Santi" --- brown hair, brown eyes. Studying biology at university.

    *Daughter age 20 • Natasha Evelina Essex "Sasha" --- blonde hair, brown eyes. Currently traveling round Australia.

    *Son age 20 • Stefan Igor Essex "Steve" --- brown hair, brown eyes. Working in France on his gap year before uni.

    Daughter age 17 • Elsa Magdalena Essex "Elsie" --- blonde hair, blue/green eyes. Loves horses + music festivals.

    Daughter age 15 • Darcy Rose Essex "Darcy" --- blonde hair, green eyes. Loves acting + shopping + dancing.

    Son age 14 • Mason William Essex "Mace" --- blonde hair, green eyes. Loves skateboarding + music festivals.

    Daughter age 12 • Chloe Eleanor Essex "Chloe" --- brown hair, brown eyes. Loves art + shopping + fashion.

    *Son age 10 • Zacarias Giorgio Essex "Zac" --- black hair, green eyes. Loves swimming, cycling and video games.

    *Daughter age 10 • Ruby Abigail Essex "Ruby" --- black hair, green eyes. Loves dancing, reading + dogs.

    *Daughter age 10 • Scarlett Caitlin Essex "Scout" --- black hair, brown eyes. Loves dancing, art + video games.

    Daughter age 5 • Cara Saoirse Essex "Carrie" --- black hair, brown eyes. Loves computers, cars and swimming.

    Daughter age 3 • Anastasia Cleo Essex "Stacey" --- brown hair, green eyes. Loves swimming + her family + pets.

    (switching this around from Cleo Anastasia Essex because her sister's name is Chloe and I feel like that's a bit too confusing haha... even fictionally ;D)

    "William + Juliana; Santiago, Natasha, Stefan, Elsa, Darcy, Mason, Chloe, Zacarias, Ruby, Scarlett, Cara + Anastasia"

    "Liam + Julia; Santi, Sasha, Steve, Elsie, Darcy, Mace, Chloe, Zac, Ruby, Scout, Carrie + Stacey"

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    William Luke Essex

    Erica Leigh Essex

    Alejandro Julian Essex

    Natasha Christina Essex

    Roman Victor Essex

    Elsa Magdalena Essex

    Darcy Rose Essex

    Mason Frederick Essex

    Chloe Eleanore Essex

    Nicolas Giorgio Essex

    Ruby Marie Essex

    Arielle Caitlin Essex

    Cara Belle Essex

    Penelope Jane Essex

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    Charles Tobias Essex

    Sadie Olivia Essex

    Alejandro Cruz Essex

    Tatiana Christina Essex

    Dimitri Victor Essex

    Elsa Magdalena Essex

    Darcy Rose Essex

    Louis Olivier Essex

    Esme Claudette Essex

    Maximilian Giorgio Essex

    Carolina Taylor Essex

    Aurora Caitlin Essex

    Aoife Belle Essex

    Octavia Lynn Essex

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    The Van Houtens.

    Samuel Vince Van Houten.

    Eliza Daura Van Houten.


    * Santiago Jose Van Houten.

    * * Twins: Vailisa Veronika Van Houten.

    * * Twins: Alexei Igor Van Houten.

    * Elsa Magdalena Van Houten.

    * Darcy Rose

    * Louis Tomas Van Houten.

    * Chloe Angelique Van Houten.

    * Maximilian Giorgio Van Houten.

    * Selina Noravy Van Houten.

    * * * Triplets: Arielle Caitlin Van Houten.

    * * * Triplets: Aoife Saoirse Van Houten.

    * * * Triplets: Acacia Rosslyne Van Houten.

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    Charles David

    Sophia Abigail

    Santiago Carlos

    Natasha Alina

    Roman Victor

    Elsa Polina

    Darcy Rose

    Mason William

    Esme Claudette

    Nicolas Giorgio

    Selina Caitlin

    Cara Belle

    Cassandra Renee

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    Samuel Fitzgerald Essex and Ophelia Corrine Essex

    Emmanuel Matteo Essex

    Aleksandra Svetlana Essex and Roman Victor Essex

    Elsa Magdalena Essex

    Darcy Rose Essex

    Theodore Andrew Essex

    Felicite Eleanore Essex

    Nicolas Giorgio Essex, Ruby Carolina Essex, and Aurora Caitlin Essex

    Aoife Saorise Essex

    Penelope Cleo Essex

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    Oliver Quinton Essex & Aubrey Caroline Essex

    • Emmanuel Julian Essex "EJ"

    • Aleksandra Veronika Essex "Alex"

    • Roman Misha Essex "Roman"

    • Elsa Magdalena Essex "Elli"

    • Darcy Rose Essex "Darcy"

    • Mason Oliver Essex "Mason"

    • Madeleine Eleanore Essex "Madi"

    • Maximilian Giogorio Essex "Max"

    • Sofia Monroe Essex "Sofia"

    • Ariana Caitlin Essex "Ariana"

    • Cara Belle Essex "Cara"

    • Penelope Grace Essex "Penelope"

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