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Do you think the Cubs are guilty of playing fundamentally dumb baseball?

I personally feel that the Cubs are guilty of playing fundamentally dumb and lackadaisical baseball, because they are constantly failing to execute on offense with runners on base in key situations, and because of their lack of discipline and patience at the plate, they are striking out a lot and feeling a lot of angst and guilt over leaving runners on base without knowing how to get them in, and instead they are relying heavily on the home run ball and they have put a lot of pressure on their starting pitchers to keep teams from scoring runs.

I still believe the Cubs have the talent to win the NL Central but they need someone like Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell, Willson Contreras or Ben Zobrist,, or possibly even one of their rookies like Happ or La Stella to provide a spark on offense and start finding ways to deliver some clutch hits of their own, and they also need their starting pitchers to "bear down" and focus on minimizing some of the dumb mistakes that have hurt them for most of this season, because they're not being aggressive enough at the plate or on the mound. 

Do you agree that the entire Cubs team is guilty of playing fundamentally dumb baseball? If so, what do the players need to do to break the habit of falling into frequent slumps?

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    They've got young players who are more concerned with style than substance because flashy plays get them noticed. Baez and Contreras are the worst offenders when it comes to boneheaded plays and the team really needs to trade them both while they still have a little value.

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