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Why do cops get away with killing innocent people?

I just saw a cop violently killed someone in Michigan a year ago for the crime of getting their wallet out during a traffic stop. Why are cops allowed to murder people?


Sorry, I wrote Michigan but it was Minnesota where they let the cop murder the person with no jailtime.

Update 3:

Electicpole,,, I picked you as best answer by accident. I meant to pick John de Witt. By all means I know most cops are very brave people we owe much gratitude for.

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    Are you sure it wasn't Maine or Ohio? Maybe next time.

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    It wasn't murder. The guy had apparently told the cop he had a pistol in his pocket and then reached that way. The cop was far too nervous about dealing with an armed citizen, but that's what happens when cops are trained to look on people with a firearm as a major threat. Judgment isn't likely to overcome training in that sort of situation, so it's really a surprise these tragedies don't happen more often.

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    Could have something to do with him reaching for his gun when the officer told him not to. Well that and he did it while he was stoned out of his mind.

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    Were you there?? Possibly on the jury?? NO? Then shut up and stop stirring up the pot with your crap!

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    3 years ago

    Why are you Lying about this Police Officers?

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