Is a scam site? How to tell if it is?

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Another fake site There is NO girl who wants to meet or hook up with you. It's all a scam to get you to enter your credit card details into a fake "verification" site that will charge your card with no way to cancel. The average victim of this scam loses $3000

    it's registered to the same privacy protect service in the Bahamas as many other scam sites

    " can tell you first I knew better but after repeating text messages I said he'll with it didn't see any bad press or story's.i put my info in and it came back not accurate information try again or use different credit Card. I check what information I wrote and it was accurate. Then a hour latter my phone went off with my bank informing me my card was hit 5 different times for $30 bucks and I still didn't get access. There fregin THIEFS and that it's someone of a robot answering the messages.No Good will come from feeding into this site should be fined and business license taken away"

    "I signed up for gabe my info an wont let me log in, it is verified fake already i believe.. I javent yet lost any money but worried im about to"

    They used to be called Craigsecure (among other names) but had to change it after getting so many complaints

    Remember NO free site asks for a credit card number. The ONLY reason they ask for your credit card is to charge it. And ANYONE you meet on Craigslist asking you to go to any other site is always a scam. A real girl meets you at Starbucks or a bar. But there are no real girls on Craiglist. It's all scammers and prostitutes. Real women do not use it after several women were raped and 2 were killed responding to Craigslist ads. For women Craigslist is seen as the bottom of the barrel, used by people who are too ugly to put their pictures on dating sites, or too creepy who have already been banned from legitimate dating sites

    Four friends of mine did an experiment over 3 months where between them they contacted every single woman on Craigslist and the one who actually got a date would win $300 from the others. Not one of them met a single real woman face to face. Not one. Because there are no real women on Craiglist. If you want to get laid, use Tinder or POF and search under Casual Encounters. There are also scammers on both but there are some real women too. You either meet in person within a week or you move on. Never go to any other site or give out your credit card or personal details

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