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Conservatives, what should I name my Blog?

I am taking a second crack at making a blog using Weebly. I was thinking Manifest Destiny. I want to be search engine friendly. I am not really a writer but I need to get ideas off my chest. I want to be like V-Dare, not just in the sense of focusing on immigration but also having audiences of both the Alt-Right(Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer) and Conservatives(Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter) while at the same time being unique. I am in both camps similar to Stefan Molyneux & Christopher Cantwell.


Maybe silver state sentinel since I am from NV

Update 2:

Perhaps Angry Thoughts or No business like Shoah business

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    How about "3rd Reich's The Charm"? As a fellow Conservative, I'll defend your right to free speech, but I have to exercise my own as well. Why is an ethno-nationalist one of your heroes? That being said, it's not going to be very hard to become as big a loser as Spencer is.

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    name it dashingwigs

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    **** eating hypocrite racist!!

  • 3 years ago

    Suck it!

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