Please help! :( , TPS sensor workings inverted because i reinstalled it.?

So before I took off the TPS I checked with my multimeter, as the throttle opened the voltage readings increased, now that I put it back on the throttle body the voltage reading goes from 0.5v to zero, the TPS effective reversed. Idk what I'm doing wrong, please help. :(

Thank you!

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  • paul h
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    4 years ago
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    Not likely the TPS is on backwards. More likely you have the tester leads hooked up backwards..polarity does matter when testing 12 volt systems...or a faulty ground lead wire connection from the TPS if testing from that. The ground lead of the tester connects to a ground point of the engine or ground wire from TPS and the positive lead of the tester usually connects to the center wire of the TPS to observe readings for testings. If you have them reversed, you will get reverse readings. Make sure the TPS lever is properly contacting the throttle lever.

    The three wires of the TPS (not sure which color is which) will be..... Ground, 5volt reference and signal

    Ground should always be ground

    5volt ref should always be 5volts with key on

    Signal should vary from 0.5volts to 4.5 volts as you move the potentiometer/TPS.

    Bad sensor ground is the most likely/possible cause assuming you are on the signal wire. With a bad sensor ground the potentiometer cannot vary the reference voltage.

    When testing components you should always verify that the reading is the same with the sensor ground and a chassis ground.

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    You just don't have a clue what you're doing and messing up your ride "playing mechanic"!!

    Going to try playing Dentist next?

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  • 4 years ago

    Has it simply been mounted on the throttle body the wrong way round?

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