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Will this restore balance of powers in the league again or no?

Paul George to Cleveland

Westbrook to Toronto

CP3 to San Antonio

Then we will have balance of powers

2 super teams in the East and two in the West

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    No. If anything, it makes it possibly worse. I'll get into PG-13 to Cleveland in a bit and CP3 to San Antonio. But lets evaluate Russ to Toronto first. If he was to join the Raptors: Big thing is Kyle Lowry gotta go then. We can look at it as a huge upgrade that I'll do in the blink of an eye. But a new problem arises with Toronto: With Russ and Derozan starting, besides Powell and at times Ibaka, who else can really shot three's? Russ is highly ball dominant so how will Derozan get his share of the ball if he's best at the mid-range and slashing game? Also, the Raptors are notorious for choking in big stages so even with Russell Westbrook, they're still not deep enough to contend with Cleveland for the East.

    Now to the 2nd scenario:

    PG-13 to Cleveland. This is great for Cleveland so the finals will be somewhat even. But as for the east, this is way worse. At that point, LeBron shouldn't even be winning by 10 in the Eastern Playoffs. Minimum he should be winning by is 18. Even with that, it still doesn't resolve the fact that Kevin Love defensively is atrocious. And they still lack a true big man that can bang low so Golden State will tire out. So with that, it's still not balanced. Which finally leads to...

    CP3 to San Antonio. This is first off, the most realistic scenario (Even though we have to take account that the scenario's are happening simultaneously.) But I'm just evaluating here. Now San Antonio may have been the biggest competition for Golden State, had it not been for Zaza pachulia. With this, it does help out in regards to matching up against Golden State. However, we have to look at this with hopes that CP3 can be healthy. In fact, had the Clippers been healthy, they probably would have made a better series than Utah. But I digress. Also, even though CP3's an upgrade to Parker, talent-wise they're still outmatched by Golden State which still gives me my belief that there's no challenge for Golden State except a healthy San Antonio possibly.

    So to the final verdict:

    Will this restore balance to the NBA world like how Avatar Aang restored balance in the water/earth/fire/air bending nations: No. Toronto will still lose, It'll likely be Golden State vs Cleveland all over again. But maybe this time San Antonio at least makes it a 6 game series. And LeBron won't be at the brink of a second sweep. But it'll take more than that for me to say that balance is restored.

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    No, Paul George will get into a fight with LeBron.

    Westbrook is like Iverson in the 90's, you're either all-in, or he'll pout, and suck.

    CP3 the ultimate disappearing act, put CP3 on a team, and they'll lose early.

    So all of these will have the opposite effect, it'll remove any chances of these teams stepping up.

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    Can't stand Steph Curry and his big ego. Cavs need a strong man. Lebron is great but to balance against Warriors they'll need fresh blood next year.

    These "super teams" are being built by big money. The better players are getting greedy for big payoffs. Durant, I believe, will get fed up with GSW and head home like Lebron did back in 2014.

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    That would only make it worse. We need less super teams, not more.

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  • 1. Believe it or not PG13 will be in the same situation as Kevin Love was in. He'll end up as a 3rd scoring option, Kyrie isnt a playmaker anymore, hes a score first PG. Lebron of course will always be the 1st scoring option. I see PG13 actually a downgrade from Kevin Love (because if this situation were to happen, Kevin Love would be traded) PG13 is a worse rebounder than Love, not that hes bad but hes not a big man despite being tall for an SF. If you were to put PG13 in SG instead, you'd be wasting a role player in JR Smith and great bench players in Korver and Shumpert. Cav's will also be forced to start Channing Frye.

    2. Westbrooks game will only work with one other Superstar, his game relies on him possesing the ball for almost every play which will hold back the 3rd superstar, in this case Valleciunas' and Kyle Lowry's game will get worse. We've already seen this before with Enes Kanter, James Harden and Victor Oladipo.

    Continued details in comments. I ran out of room.

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    KD needs to leave the warriors

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