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Any one have suggestions on how to unclog/ get rid of pores?

My pores are horrible! All over my nose and around it! I have freckles which disguise them from far away, but when you're up close you can see them !!! I always wash my face day and night and use a moisturizer, but they have gotten worse??

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    Steam those little suckers out

    water, as hot as you can stand it, wash cloth, wring out and place on your face, holding it against problematic areas

    splash face with warm to hot water and wipe away the blackheads

    once your face is cleansed, splash with cold water to close them up again

    This will take a couple of times to get them all out

    but it works painlessly and with no chemicals

  • Moya
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    3 years ago

    Apricot face scrub

    Face scrub

  • Laura
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    3 years ago

    You can't get rid of your pores. To do that you would have to get rid of your skin.

    Use a pore strip to help get whatever is in them out. If a pore strip doesn't work, go to a dermatologist for an extraction, they physically use tools to remove the gunk inside.

  • Gert
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    3 years ago

    Egg white facials. A clay mask.

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