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10mm vs 45acp power and supression?

I want to get a long slide gock and put a supressor on it. I really want 10mm, because they say its more powerful than 45. But ive seen videos of 45 acp being shot through an osprey can and they sound almost like a pelet gun. Videos of a 10mm being shot through an osprey can sound significantly louder. Which would be better supressed? 10mm should have more power but it would be way louder, 45 while still a great round would be weaker than the 10mm but significantly quieter. What do you guys/gals think?

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    They make quiet 10mm ammo for suppressors, but why bother if you have to cut the power that much just shoot a 180gr 40SW and be done with it. 230gr 45ACP running at full velocity can be easily and effectively suppressed without losing any of its potential. For my money, if I wanted to shoot a suppressed Glock using full power ammo I'd either go with one in 45ACP and shoot nothing but 230gr ammo in it, or buy in 40SW and shoot nothing but 180gr ammo in it. Buying a 10mm to suppress just doesn't make sense when you consider that full power ammo is going to run too fast to be suppressed, and buying specialty ammo that's designed to go slow enough to be suppressed is marginally better than 40SW.

    If you were not going to suppress and wanted a powerful Glock, the 10mm is your gun.

    Source(s): This is the 10mm Hush ammo made just for suppression.
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    Ok...first of all, recorders normalize loud sounds. That is why you can hear the guy talking at normal volume, and then 3 seconds later he can be shooting, but you don't need ear-protection in. And different setups do it differently, and can even lower a super loud sound by more than it lowers a quieter one...etc. Long story short: You cannot get an idea of how loud something is from a video. I guarantee you that .45 is plenty fcking loud.

    But both will be PLENTY loud unsuppressed. In fact, they'll both still make decent noise suppressed (hollywood has that quite wrong).

    Second of all, the ability to suppress has more to do with the velocity of the round (you need subsonic rounds). The suppressor takes care of what sound it can from the muzzle (depending on the quality/size of the suppressor you get) and having subsonic rounds means it doesn't make a sonic crack (quite loud in its own right). Lots of normal .45 ACP is subsonic anyway. It's just not a fast round. So that's why many people suppress it: you don't need to buy special ammo.

    Third of all...suppressing 10mm would be idiotic, because most of its power is in its speed...which you'd be purposefully buying SLOW ammo in order to suppress it effectively.

    Lastly, trying to build high-power but quiet is a fool's errand, because of the fact that when suppressing you PURPOSEFULLY use slow bullets to stay subsonic. Triply so for pistols. Revolvers don't suppress for crap, and auto rounds usually aren't super high power by comparison except for higher-speed rounds...which, again, aren't very useful for suppressing. Just suppress a .45 and be done with it. At least it'll have cheap and plentiful subsonic ammo. Handguns in general aren't usually very powerful except for the less common really big stuff (usually in revolver form). If you want power get a rifle. If you're gonna use a pistol...just carry extra ammo.

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    10mm is f*cking retarded. Go with either 9mm or .45ACP. if you're going to suppress it, then .45 works better. In almost all other aspects, 9mm is better.

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    With a suppressed long slide Glock in 10mm you would be so tacicool. Don't forget to but a flashlight on it as well.

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    I think you're having an argument with yourself over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. I'd also wonder if you've actually shot the two cartridges. There are a lot of people who find 10 mm difficult to control, and the hit from a 22LR works better than the miss of a large-bore.

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