What 2000s musicians are/will soon be considered classics?

The Strokes are more popular now than they ever were back then. Them, along with the White Stripes, The Killers, Frank Ferdinand and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs will soon be making their way to classic rock radio stations in 3-5 years time.

John Mayer and Jack Johnson are definitely the decade's flagship singer songwriters. A generation of Mayer/Johnson inspired singer songwriters who were born in the 90s and who grew up hearing their stuff on the radio during their coming of age years are about to boil over into the mainstream in the 2020s. Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes being the first of many.

Pop-punk has pretty much stayed in its niche. Bands like Jimmy Eat World and blink-182 are coming up on the 20th anniversaries of their breakout/mainstream periods, and their songwriting chops have become permanent staples of the genre. Some of pop-punk's bigger bands (Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Panic! at the Disco, etc.) have essentially become "indie" rock.

A lot of the HUGE pop stars from last decade (Beyoncé, Timberlake, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, etc.) are still around and doing well for themselves.

I've got to go, and I know I'm missing a ton of names. Y!Answers, take it from here.

BQ: What do you think 2020s music will sound like?


@Brandon I should have put Interpol alongside the other post-punk bands.

I consider Radiohead 90s rock. They've already earned their legendary status.

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    I suspect "classic rock" will always be what it is now, but there are several artists whose music will still be listened to in 20 years and beyond. I suspect you're right that Jack White/White Stripes, The Strokes, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be among them. Some other rock/pop artists I think have a good chance at this include Baroness, Coutney Barnett, Pelican, Clutch, Tool, Kendrick Lamar, They Might Be Giants, PJ Harvey, and Fiona Apple.

    For 2020 music, we may be coming to a backlash against autotune and heavily processed music. So there may be a focus more on acoustic and natural instruments, recorded performances by musicians talented enough to perform the music live without prerecorded assistance. That could be wishful thinking, however.

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    White Stripes

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    Britney Spears

    Lady GaGa


    Maroon 5

    Green Day

    Fall Out Boy

    Katy Perry


    Miley Cyrus

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Foo Fighters

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    Britney Spears, Panic! at the Disco, Beyoncé, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, etc.

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    The I need Points to Post Experience.

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    Beth Hart. A Duch 2017 poll that can be voted on by people all over the world listed Leave The Light On as the 433 greatest song ever beating out every major modern pop star song except some by Adele. Her biggest fans in the U.S. include Slash, Sharon Osbourne and the Cyrus family. Her sound was copied by Adele, Beyonce and Amy Winehouse.

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    The independents will rise again from the ashes of your establishment radio brainwashing youth with.never ending mediocrity

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    Here are my picks:


    Have a Nice Life

    Animal Collective

    The Flaming Lips

    At the Drive-In


    Godspeed You Black Emperor



    The Mars Volta

    BQ: Based on what I've seen so far, I think that 2020s music will build on the genres of post-rock & shoegaze, due to bands like Swans, Westkust & Godspeed You Black Emperor. I think that a lot of dream pop in the 2020s will be influenced by Beach House, as well.

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