Comics and Animation: What if they make a now movie of DCEU's Batman Beyond, What do you think about these cast of characters?


Dacre Montgomery - Terry McGinnis/Batman - The current Batman. Under the pretense of doing errands for Bruce, Terry fights crime as the new Batman.

Michael Keaton - Bruce Wayne - The original Batman, he is Terry's employer, mentor, and predecessor.

Bryan Cranston - Warren McGinnis - Terry's father. Warren was murdered by Mr. Fixx.

Keke Palmer - Max Gibson - A genius high schooler and friend of Terry's. Occasionally She helps Batman in an "Alfred"-type role.

Lana Condor - Dana Tan - Terry's Love Interest.

Hugo Weaving - Derek Powers/Blight - A ruthless businessman of Wayne-Powers who accidentally becoming exposed to a biological weapon of his own making with extreme radiation villain.

Geena Davis - Mary McGinnis - Terry's Mother.

Gaten Matarazzo - Matt McGinnis - Terry's Younger Brother.

Armie Hammer - Paxton Powers - Derek’s Estranged Son.

Djimon Hounsou - Mr. Fixx - Derek Powers' right-hand man and responsible for Warren McGinnis' murder under his employer's orders.

Diane Keaton - Comissioner Barbara Gordon - Gotham City police commissioner, and the former Batgirl.

Delroy Lindo - D.A. Sam Young - A Gotham district attorney, and Barbara's husband.

Do you agree with these cast of characters? Any Comments or thoughts (If not, which actors do you want to replace as characters)

BQ: Would you like to see the movie if they make this live action movie of DCEU's Batman Beyond?

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  • Zeke
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    3 years ago
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    Looks like an awesome cast, I always imagined Liam Neeson for an old Bruce Wayne, but Michael Keaton is a MUCH better choice! Keke Palmer for Max is also a good choice. Personally, I always imagined Leo Howard as Terry, because of his martial arts experience.

    BQ: YES! That's one of my favorite comic book storylines!

    Hey I have a new one on the Black Panther trailer:

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  • 3 years ago

    Looks like a great cast.

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