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Please help. I received a letter from u-haul telling me that I rented a truck and I must return it! But I didn t.?

Someone rented u-haul truck using my name and address. I called uhaul and the rep said they used diff driver licence and phone number. Plus they paid with master card which I don t own one. So I don t have to worry. So he made a note that they mailed the wrong address.

But I m worried cuz in the letter it said, that IF i don t return the truck, it s then considered stolen and I ll have criminal charges!

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    If charges are filed it will be with the number on the driver's license that was provided at the time of the rental. If you didn't rent the truck then they don't have your drivers license. It's not as simple as you are imagining it in your head. Try not to worry.

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    write them a letter and mail it certified w/ return receipt explaining the prob in detail.

    ask that they no longer contact you on the matter

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