What would you name this family?


MN- 3 or 4 syllables

Dad- FN- Starts with an E

MN- Your favourite vintage MALE name

Twin daughters-

TD1- her first name is the SURNAME of your favourite novelist/author. (Please state who)

MN- After your grandmother

TD2-FN after your favourite singer (please state who).

MN- Mae

{*Dad* Adopts them after meeting and marrying their mother)


FN-a MALE name ending 'ah'

MN- Walter

Triplets (son, daughter, son)

TS1-FN-A boys name which will never go out style

MN- starts with a J.

D-FN- Starts with an E.

MN- A 3 letter name

TS2-opposite initials of TS1


FN- Old fashioned a name you wouldn't expect a child to have

MN-after the father.


FN- Martha or Matilda

MN-4 letters


FN- A popular boys name in the top 1-50.

MN- a name in the top 51-100


FN- ends in 'son'

MN-Robert, Sebastian, Henry or Charles

Twin daughters (IVF)

D1- FN- 7 letters long,

MN- Maureen

D2- FN- 9 Letters long

MN- Margaret



Bronte Eileen (After the Bronte sisters [Anne, Charlotte & Emily]) & Kylie Mae (Kylie Minogue)

Elijah Walter

Daniel Joseph, Emma Joy & Joshua David

Vincent Edward

Martha Anne

Isaac Theodore

Grayson Robert

Lucille Maureen & Francesca Margaret

'Bron, Ky, Eli, DJ, Emmie, JD, Vinnie, Marty, Zac, Gray, Luci & Frankie'

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  • 3 years ago
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    *The Nightingale Family*

    Mum: Elizabeth Gwendolyn

    Dad: Edward Augustus

    "Lizzie & Eddie"

    Daughter (twin): Brontë Delilah (Charlotte Brontë)

    Daughter (twin): Alex Mae (Alex Turner)

    Son: Jonah Walter

    Son (triplet): Sebastian Judah

    Daughter (triplet): Eulalie Noa

    Son (triplet): Jovian Shepherd

    Son: Finnegan Gabriel

    Daughter: Matilda Rose

    Son: Liam Adrian

    Son: Robinson Henry

    Daughter (twin): Cosette Maureen

    Daughter (twin): Anastasia Margaret

    "Bron, Lexa, Jonah, Bash, Lala, Jovie, Finn, Tillie, Liam, Robin, Cosie, & Stasia"

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  • 3 years ago

    Elizabeth Rosalie “Libby” and Eleazer Oswald “Eli”

    Clare Louise (Cassandra Clare) and Florence Mae (Florence Welch) “Clare and Flora”

    Ezra Walter

    Theodore Jenson, Eileen Fae, Jackson Taj “Theo, Lena, Jack”

    Ike Eleazer

    Matilda Rose “Tilly”

    Oliver Dominic “Ollie”

    Harrison Charles “Harry”

    Ophelia Maureen and Seraphina Margaret “Lia and Sera”

    “Elizabeth + Eleazer, Clare, Florence, Theodore, Eileen, Jackson, Ike, Matilda, Oliver, Harrison, Ophelia, + Seraphina”

    “Libby + Eli, Clare, Flora, Theo, Lena, Jack, Ike, Tilly, Ollie, Harry, Lia, + Sera”

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  • 3 years ago

    Elizabeth Katarina

    Eli Robert

    Austen Catherine (Jane Austen)

    Taylor Mae (Taylor Swift)

    Isaiah Walter

    Miles Jonathan

    Eliana Mae

    Jacob Matthias

    Atticus Eli

    Martha Jane

    Logan Xavier

    Harrison Robert

    Analise Maureen

    Christine Margaret

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  • 3 years ago

    Elizabeth Katherine and Evan George

    Clark Cheryl (Mary Higgins Clark) – twin 20

    Carrie Mae (Carrie Underwood) – twin 20

    Elijah Walter – 17

    Daniel Jackson – triplet 16

    Erin Lee – triplet 16

    Jason Derrek – triplet 16

    Edward Keith – 13

    Matilda Anne – 10

    Andrew Charles – 8

    Cason Robert – 7

    Paisley Maureen – twin 4

    Alexandra Margaret – twin 4

    -Elizabeth and Evan, Cici, Carrie, Eli, Danny, Erin, Jay, Eddie, Mattie, Drew, Cason, Paisley, and Lexi

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  • 3 years ago

    Elizabeth Eloise + Elliot James

    * Collins Leona (Suzanne Collins)

    * Halsey Mae

    * Judah Walter

    * Cameron Jace

    * Emma Rue

    * Jaxson Carter

    * Kenneth Elliot

    * Matilda Lily

    * Levi Gaven

    * Mason Henry

    * Presley Maureen

    * Genevieve Margaret

    >> Ellie, Eli, Collins, Hallie, Judah, Cam, Emma, Jax, Kenny, Mattie, Levi, Mase, Pres, Genna <<

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  • Paula
    Lv 7
    3 years ago

    Elizabeth Francesca

    Ezra Henry

    *Snicket Helena (Lemony Snicket)

    *Agnetha Mae (one of the A’s in the band ABBA)

    Noah Walter

    **William John

    **Emmeline Joy

    **Jude Winston

    Albert Ezra

    Matilda Opal

    Oliver Theodore

    Hudson Charles

    ***Harmony Maureen

    ***Francesca Margaret

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Elizabeth Annelise

    Eli Wesley

    Rowling Nora (JK)

    Anna Mae (Kendrick)

    Noah Walter

    David James

    Esmeralda Lou

    Jeremy Daniel

    Edmund Wesley

    Matilda Wren

    William Jude

    Jackson Henry

    Elianna Maureen

    Alexandra Margaret

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  • EmCee
    Lv 7
    3 years ago

    Elizabeth Alexandria

    Elias Fitzgerald

    Austen Ivy (Jane Austen)

    Greta Mae (Greta Morgan)

    Elijah Walter

    William Jude

    Eleanor Jay

    Joshua Wesley

    Arthur Fitzgerald

    Matilda Roux

    Sebastian Nicholas

    Boston Charles

    Lucilla Maureen

    Katharine Margaret

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  • Hannah
    Lv 6
    3 years ago

    Elizabeth Rosalie "Liz"

    Elijah George "Eli"

    Hunter Ruby (Erin Hunter)

    Emma Mae (Emma Blackery; would have otherwise been Elizabeth Gillies but already used Elizabeth)

    Isaiah Walter

    William James "Will"

    Eleanor Ava "Ellie"

    Jackson Wyatt "Jack"

    Theodore Elijah "Theo"

    Matilda Jade "Mattie"

    Lucas Jeremiah "Luke"

    Harrison Henry

    Arianna Maureen "Ari"

    Genevieve Margaret "Ginny"

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  • blank
    Lv 7
    3 years ago

    Elizabeth Rosalie

    Edward Henry

    Rule Deborah (Ann rule)

    Lisa Mae(Lisa Lefteye Lopes)

    Noah Walter

    Oliver Justin

    Ella Fay

    Jacob Oswald

    Walter Edward

    Martha Anna

    Mason Jeremiah

    Grayson Robert

    Ashlynn Maureen

    Annabella Margaret

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