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One direct result of the Persian Gulf War was that the United States?

One direct result of the Persian Gulf War was that the United States


gained control of oil resources in the the the Middle East


liberated Kuwait from Iraqi control


brought about peaceful relations between Israel and its neighbors


obtained overseas colonies in the Middle East

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    2. liberated Kuwait from Iraqi control.

    This is fully correct because US Marines did virtually all of the fighting to retake Kuwait. Egyptian coalition forces did very little.

    3 is not correct because peace negotiations between Israel and Syria failed after the gulf war and Israel clashed with nearby Hezbollah and Hamas a number of times. In 2006 many Hez rockets hit Israel, which invaded and pounded Lebanon.

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    The answer is 2, but 3 is partially true also. Read Gray Bold's answer.

    Unfortunately, you will find too many people that simply want to believe 1 simply because it fits their politics, not because there is any fact behind it. Sad.

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    In August 1990, Iraqi forces invaded and annexed Kuwait. After a series of failed diplomatic negotiations, the United States led a coalition to remove the Iraqi forces from Kuwait, in what became known as the Gulf War (Persian Gulf War). On 26 February 1991, the coalition succeeded in driving out the Iraqi forces.

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