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How have imperial legacies shaped the modern Middle East?

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    The rot set in soon after WW I when Othman Empire, known as the "Sickman of Europe" fell in a heap (like broken china) following its defeat.

    Asia minor or Turkey peninsula is a cultural region of Greece though in Asia (when people didn't know anything about continents, but lived on them). It was a huge influx of Turkic people from east (ventral Asia) that displaced the Greeks, after Islam came into being. Seljuq Empire there, won Constantinople in 1453 & Islam (& these Turkish) followed by Othman (Ośman) Empire dominated SE Europe. At their defeat the Empire lay in two halves. European part expropriated by new nations like (partly) Yugoslavia. Wilson’s 14 points were made applicable to create self-determined Nations there. It was different in Asia. Asians weren’t that politically mature (sic !) to deserve self-determination or independence. This racial two-facedness was the cause. In Asia Othman Empire that included Egypt was the Middle East. For them, Othman Sultan was religious (spiritual) supreme head, the Khalifa (Caliph). Wide-spread (public) breast-beating episodes over the plight of the Muslim Empire were seen wherever large communities of Muslims were – India included, where MK Gandhi showed solidarity by joining their demonstrations.

    Racial dispensation of the Westerners who won the war, made these inevitable (spoils of Othman Empire)- the (Imperial) colonial property to the victors. A device was created, League of Nations that was empowered to do this job of distributing enemy territory in the Middle East (don’t be fooled by the language or nomenclature employed for these pieces of Empire) among British & French. Iraq, Trans-Jordan (that has the present day Israel), the gulf states (Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, the seven Emirates, Oman, Aden-Yemen) were allocated to Britain. Lebanon & Syria went to France. Saudi Arabia was the creation of Britain & has been a loyal ally as the kingdom owes its existence to the British. America joined Britain in a big business of drilling, prospecting, extracting & exporting vast quantities of Oil. America, itself a big petroleum producer shut most of its own wells giving the reason American oil is ‘expensive’. It was good business.

    It is the preamble. Israel created in the midst of these countries is the second part as it (indirectly) took care of Western interests. Rest of the history is too well known to all.

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    The post-WW1 boundaries were imposed by the imperial powers (mainly France and the UK). They bear no resemblance to reality on the ground which was a source of conflict as petty chieftains jostled for power in the power vacuum created by the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Then, after WW2, Israel was created by the former imperial powers against the wishes of the locals. Things have been going downhill ever since.

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    WW1 was started in the middle east and ended there. The imperial monarchies pre- WW1 had colonized and carved up a great part of the euroasian peninsula...the 4 were the German, the Ottoman, the Russia, and the Australia/Hungarian Empires. The modern boundaries of the Middle East emerged from the war, as did the modern Arab nationalist movements and "embryonic Islamic movements".

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