Calling all Disney fans! I need ideas and suggestions for a Disneyland themed party!?

*Just to be clear this is a Disneyland Park THEMED party, the party will not actually be at Disneyland*

So I have a few ideas that I've come up with. I'm thinking of doing like 1-2 iconic foods and 1-2 desserts to represent each "land" within Disneyland park. Alot of the foods I can either make myself or order. For example:

-Main Street:Fried Chicken (Carnation Cafe inspired)

-Adventureland: BBQ skewers (Bengal BBQ inspired), Pineapple sherbet (Dole Whip inspired)

-New Orleans Square: Gumbo, Doughnuts/Beignets

-Fantasyland: Matterhorn Macaroons

-Tomorrowland: Pizza/Pasta (Pizza Port Inspired), Light Saber Pretzel Rods or Go Gurt Tubes (Star Wars inspired)

-Mickeys Toontown: Corndogs or Hamburgers, Mickey Rice Krispie Treats

Mickey cupcakes w/Vintage Disney Poster cupcake toppers

So what do you guys think? I will take any other suggestions on Disneyland inspired menu items.

For decorations i was going for like a vintage/classic Disney design (found inspiration online). One thing I found was a banner made of like vintage Disney posters and pastel colored decor.

For party favors I'm kind of lost, I was thinking of doing Disney Little Golden Book favors and maybe Disney buttons. I'm unsure i need some suggestions. I'm not really on a timed schedule for this party just brainstorming at the moment. As for the budget i don't have like a huge budget, but I don't want to spend like a crazy amount. I'm just looking for ideas right now.

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  • Robyn
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    3 years ago
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    I think you have too many food ideas. You have the following ideas just for main dishes: fried chicken, BBQ skewers, gumbo, pizza/pasta, and corndogs/hamburgers. I would try to narrow the main dishes down to 1-3 items rather than having five. Also, consider how many people you're going to be having. You'll end up spending all your money on food and then end up with a ton of leftover food. The idea is cool, but it needs some further thought. I like the decoration idea, and I would question whether or not you need party favors at all. In this day and age, people don't really go to parties expecting party favors anymore. If you really wanted to do something, I spend very little money on it.

    • Anonymous3 years agoReport

      Thank you for the suggestions.I think I did get overly excited with the "Disneyland" theme so I'll narrow down the food options. I do still want to do like some kind of souvenir for guests, if you have ideas. For decor I can DIY and I have a ton of family to help pitch in.Any decor ideas? Thank you!

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  • Mark
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    3 years ago

    Quite possibly so...who knows.

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