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Name this big family?

Surname: Brown, Jakowitz, Zimoni, Marks, Solomon, Ellenberg

Mom: Shaina, Elizabeth, Rachel, Julia, Winona, Hope

Dad: Jonathan, Mark, Raphael, Cameron, Tyler, Daniel

Daughter 1: Olivia, Emily, Lucy, Grace, Charlotte, Johanna

Son 1: Michael, James, Nathaniel, Benjamin, Isaac, Jacob

Daughter 2 (twin): Sarah, Caroline, Ava, Violet, Victoria, Juliet

Daughter 3 (twin): Leah, Hannah, Audrey, Naomi, Rebecca, Sophia

Son 2: Simon, Andrew, Levi, Noah, Samuel, Nicholas

Son 3: Alexander, Finn, Joshua, Ryan, Sterling, Adam

Son 4 (triplet): Forrest, Logan, Hayden, Harrison, Graham, Christopher

Daughter 4 (triplet): Molly, Riley, Harper, Stella, Kathryn, Avery

Son 5 (triplet): Myles, Ethan, Aaron, Maxwell, Elliot, Jackson

Daughter 5: Delilah, Helena, Ruby, Genevieve, Madison, Arielle


Shaina Hope Zimoni-Ellenberg

Jonathan Daniel Ellenberg

Olivia Grace Ellenberg

Nathaniel Jacob Ellenberg

*Caroline Ava Ellenberg

*Sophia Leah Ellenberg

Noah Simon Ellenberg

Alexander Adam Ellenberg

**Harrison Logan Ellenberg

**Stella Kathryn Ellenberg

**Maxwell Ethan Ellenberg

Delilah Ruby Ellenberg

~Shaina and JD have Liv, Nate, Cara, Sophie, Noah, Alex, Harry, Stella, Max, and Lilah~

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    The Ellenberg Family

    Rachel Elizabeth Ellenberg (nee Solomon)-- "Rae"

    Jonathan Tyler Ellenberg-- "John"

    Charlotte Grace Ellenberg-- "Charlie"

    Benjamin Isaac Ellenberg-- "Ben"

    Violet Sarah Ellenberg-- "Vi" (twin A)

    Naomi Hannah Ellenberg-- "Mimi" (twin B)

    Simon Levi Ellenberg-- "Si"

    Alexander Joshua Ellenberg-- "Xander"

    Christopher Graham Ellenberg-- "Chris" (triplet A)

    Kathryn Stella Ellenberg-- "Kate" (triplet B)

    Maxwell Jackson Ellenberg-- "Max" (triplet C)

    Delilah Ruby Ellenberg-- "Dee"

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    Julia Elizabeth and Daniel Tyler Brown

    Lucy Charlotte (21)

    James Benjamin (17)

    Sarah Caroline (twin 14)

    Sophia Audrey (twin 14)

    Nicholas Levi (10)

    Joshua Finn (7)

    Graham Logan (triplet 5)

    Harper Kathryn (triplet 5)

    Jackson Elliot (triplet 5)

    Madison Genevieve (2)

    -Julia and Dan, Lucy, James, Sarah, Sophia, Nick, Josh, Graham, Harper, Jackson, and Maddie Brown

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    The Brown Family

    Elizabeth Hope & Daniel Tyler

    Olivia Charlotte

    Jacob James

    Ava Victoria

    Sophia Naomi

    Levi Nicholas

    Joshua Alexander

    Logan Harrison

    Molly Harper

    Maxwell Jackson

    Arielle Ruby

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    MPC ( Mummy, Papa, Child )

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    Elizabeth Rachel and Jonathan Daniel Marks

    Olivia Grace (16)

    James Isaac (14)

    Victoria Caroline (twin 13)

    Hannah Sophia (twin 13)

    Samuel Levi (11)

    Alexander Ryan (8)

    Graham Christopher (triplet 6)

    Harper Kathryn (triplet 6)

    Aaron Jackson (triplet 6)

    Madison Genevieve (3)

    -Rachel and JD, Olivia, James, Tori, Hannah, Levi, Alex, Graham, Harper, Aaron, and Maddie Marks

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    Surname: Marks

    Mom: Elizabeth (Ellie) Hope Marks

    Dad: Jonathan (John) Raphael Marks

    Daughter 1: Grace Johanna Marks

    Son 1: Benjamin (Ben) Isaac Marks

    Daughter 2 (twin): Caroline Victoria Marks

    Daughter 3 (twin): Leah Sophia Marks

    Son 2: Noah Andrew Marks

    Son 3: Alexander (Xander or Alex) Ryan Marks

    Son 4 (triplet): Logan Christopher Marks

    Daughter 4 (triplet): Riley Kathryn Marks

    Son 5 (triplet): Ethan Elliot Marks

    Daughter 5: Madison Helena Marks

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    Elizabeth Julia "Liz" Solomon-Brown

    Daniel Jonathan Solomon-Brown

    Grace Olivia "Gracie" Solomon-Brown

    James Isaac Solomon-Brown

    Violet Ava "Vi" Solomon-Brown

    Sophia Naomi "Sophie" Solomon-Brown

    Noah Samuel Solomon-Brown

    Alexander Finn "Alex" Solomon-Brown

    Harrison Graham Solomon-Brown

    Stella Kathryn Solomon-Brown

    Jackson Elliot "Jack" Solomon-Brown

    Genevieve Ruby "Ginny" Solomon-Brown

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    Daniel Mark "Danny" Brown & Rachel Winona Solomon

    -Charlotte Olivia Solomon Brown

    -Nathaniel Jacob Solomon Brown

    -Juliet Victoria Solomon Brown, Naomi Rebecca Solomon Brown

    -Andrew Levi "Andy" Solomon Brown

    -Alexander Finn "Alec" Solomon Brown

    -Logan Forrest Solomon Brown, Molly Harper Solomon Brown, Aaron Maxwell Solomon Brown

    -Helena Ruby Solomon Brown

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    The Marks Family

    Mum - Elizabeth Hope 'Elle'

    Dad - Cameron Daniel

    ☆ Olivia Grace

    ☆ Isaac James

    ☆ Ava Violet & Sophia Hannah

    ☆ Levi Noah

    ☆ Alexander Finn

    ☆ Harrison Logan , Avery Riley & Ethan Maxwell

    ☆ Ruby Arielle

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    Mom-Hope Rachel

    Dad-Jonathan Tyler

    Daughter:Charlotte Olivia

    Son:Jacob Michael

    Daughter:Ava Violet

    Daughter:Sophia Leah

    Son:Noah Andrew

    Son:Ryan Joshua

    Son:Loagn Christopher

    Daughter:Stella Molly

    Son:Jackson Myles

    Daughter:Helena Arielle

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