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Why would Jehovah's Witnesses want to use non-JW literature to teach non-JW;s our beliefs?

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    Let's see. How about the teaching of egg laying rabbits to teach the ransom?

    Or how about the birthday of Nimrod? He is the father of all false religions today. That's right. December 25. Further, 4000 years ago his mother invented the Madonna and Child worship. Should we use Babylonian teachings to teach JWs? Ironically, most religions today are just offspring of Babylon's religion.

    Yup. You can find the beginnings of everybody going to heaven to be a god. The idea of an immortal soul. And the very first trinity of father, son and the mother of god.

    And after 4,000 years they have not changed. The names change with language. The characters do not.

    Source(s): Holy Bible and history
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    Simply put--they don't!

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    Because there are many Bible scholars that know that what JW's say if TRUTH. One of the best books you could buy, to discern the accuracy of the New World Translation, is a book called "TRUTH IN TRANSLATION: ACCURACY AND BIAS IN ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT" The Author of this book is Jason David BeDuhn. He is the Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. He holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Illinois, Urbana, an M.T.S. in New Testament and Christian Origins from Harvard Divinity School, and a Ph.D. in Comparative Study of Religions from Indiana University, Bloomington. In his book, he compares the New World Translation with others including The King James, the Living Bible, The Amplified Bible, The New American Bible, The New American Standard Bible, The New International Version, The New Revised Standard Version, and Today's English Version. In reading the book, the Author made it perfectly clear that The New World Translation was the Most Accurate of all the Translations.

    By the way NWT is the most accurate translation for it is not watered down like other transitionals, plus it was translation from the original language of the bible.

    Jason BeDuhn: "While it is difficult to quantify this sort of analysis, it can be said the NW[T] emerges as the most accurate of the translations compared." -Greek Scholar in his book: "Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament"

    Steven T. Byington: Of the NWT, "If you are digging for excellent or suggestive renderings, this is among the richer mines." -Christian Century, "Review of the New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures"

    Frederick Danker: "Not to be snubbed is the New World Translation of the Hebrew Scriptures, Rendered from the Original by the New World Bible Translation Committee."

    -"Multipurpose Tools for Bible Study"

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    I find it interesting that when I quote from our literature, I get thumbs downs.

    and when I quote from other sources I get thumbs downs.

    I quote from 'non-JW' sources to prove that our understanding of scripture isn't our understanding only.

    It is actually very easy on the internet to find scholars who agree with our understanding of scripture.


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      ..then when you quote a non-JW you deliberately misquote, mislead or quote someone who's "expertise" you pick at. In other words you accept a non-JW expert whilst they agree with you but reject them when they don't. THAT'S WHY YOU GET A THUMBS DOWN.. it's dishonest!

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    hi there

    they don't

    the bible is nonjw literature

    they want to use jw literature

    christians use the bible

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    Why would we want to?

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    Cults don't allow members information that they do not control.

    Jesus and Paul were both known for publicly debating their faith and those that thought to challenge them were left awestruck.

    In contrast, the Watchtower is petrified of subjecting their beliefs to scrutiny.

    You can tell who really follows Jesus.

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      And because we do change as we learn, most criticize us. Your comment is just more baloney.

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    We do not use other groups literature...because if inaccuracies.

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    corporate religion

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      Hilarious answer. Could not be more wrong.

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    Research material from secular sources can demonstrate certain aspects of what the Bible says is true like archaeology and history and even science books but JEHOVAH is the main Authority because He is the Author of the Bible and by means of His holy spirit He has given Jesus His Son the task to instruct His people worldwide-John 17:3;2 Tim 3:16,17;Eph 5:23;1 Tim 2:4;Prov 3:5,6;Acts 5:32;Matt 28:19,20; John 14:15

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