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Tampon troubles?

Ok so I tried a tampon for the first time today. Because I have a pool and wanted to swim with my sibilings. And I haven't been able to swim in a week so I figured that if I didn't then they would leave me out like they did the last time. I don't really have a mom to ask. So I took my older sisters. It was really hard figuring out how to put it in then when I did it hurt a little in the beginning anyways I put it in then took it out (btw I read the picture thingy and Ik I put it in far enough) anyways I got in the pool but was scared the whole time to do anything so almost an hour later I took it out. It hurt pretty bad. I got it out. It had blood on it but wasn't completely red and blown up. Now it feels really, really sore. And hurts if I get pee on that area.

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    The first time is usually painful and if the whole thing wasn't bloody you took out a dry tampon. that's really painful. Try to put one in tomorrow and leave it in longer. You will eventually get used to it.

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