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Do you think the Cubs starting pitchers and hitters are trying too hard during the early part of the season?

I am deeply concerned about their starting pitching and hitting, because they're losing focus and giving up too many runs, and because of them, their offense has struggled.

I happen to think that maybe the Cubs are trying too hard to make things happen with their starting pitching and offense, because they don't have the discipline or patience to execute, and as a result, they're striking out a lot and feeling guilty for leaving too many runners on base and have forgotten to do the little things that helped them win the World Series.

The Cubs can't struggle with their starting pitching and hitting too much longer and sooner or later, they have to step up their performance and start executing as a team

Do you think the Cubs hitters and starting pitchers are trying too hard during their early season struggles? If so, what do they need to do get themselves back on the right track?

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    Yes I do think the cubs hitters are pressing too hard. Baez is back to flailing at breaking balls out of the zone Russell is struggling but remember last year he got off to a slow start and ended up with 95 RBI. Madden also has the dilemma of finding at bats for everyone because they have so many potential everyday players. With Baez at 2nd Zobrist in left Schwarber is left out with Jay or Happ in center Almora is out. It appears to be getting better even though they lost to kershaw they made him throw too many pitches to go 5 innings. They worked deep counts and had a better approach than they have shown in the past. As for the rotation I don;t know what can be done. Arrieta cannot duplicate what he did in 2015 and 16 and people forget with Baltimore he was not as good. Hendricks has been solid except last night and the fifth spot has been a problem all season with Anderson going down., Butler has looked good at times but also has struggled. I think at the deadline the Cubs will address the rotation maybe a Chris Acrher for Jeimer Candelario trade? Candelario is blocked by Rizzo and Bryant but could provide the Rays pop at 1st base. Back to the offense one thing that has been lacking is a leadoff hitter. Schwarber should be down in the lineup maybe between Bryant and Rizzo to give him protection. Zobrist could be the leadoff man as he is a solid hitter who can get on base.

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    The Cubs have been not too good this year, starting pitching especially early in the game stinks and half the lineup isn't hitting.

    The key positive I see is that I don't see how the Cubs lineup can do any worse than what they've done so far this season from how bad they've been with runners in scoring position and pretty much every young bat in the lineup struggling as whole when more than half of the lineup is composed of them. I don't know what the Cubs need to do turn it around, but I don't see how the young bats can perform any worse honestly, so I can only see them going up from here by the All-Star Break. That being said they are only 1.5 games out of first place with over a 110 games to go, no need to panic yet but they need to get going.

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