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Do you think the starting pitching or the offense is the biggest problem for the Cubs?

I am deeply concerned about the Cubs starting pitchers and the hitters, because they're losing focus and giving up too many runs, and because of them, their offense has struggled.

I am starting to think that maybe the Cubs starting pitchers and hitters are doing too much to make things happen on the field, because they don't have the discipline or patience to execute on offense, and as a result, they're striking out a lot and feeling guilty of leaving a ton on runners on base .

They seem to have forgotten how to do the little things that helped them win the World Series last year, but they can't keep struggling with their starting pitching and offense much longer.

Do you think the starting pitching or the offense, or perhaps both is the biggest problem for the Cubs? And, are they trying too hard or doing too much to make things happen? If so, what do the Cubs need to do more to get themselves back on the right track?

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  • Kyle
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    3 years ago
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    you obviously need both. but, great pitching can help you theoretically stay in the game. if you don't have great pitching, it makes no sense to score a lot of runs, but just be beat later if your own pitching staff gives up more.

    yes, the Cubs have seem to forgot to play small ball, so to speak. they're not taking a lot of walks like last year, and are just more hitting for power than contact. when you hit for contact and get on base, the power will come and get bigger home runs. when you're not hitting for contact, that's where you see a lot of solo shots.

    even with yesterday, Hendricks and Lester are out two best pitchers. Uehara, Edwards and Davis are the best in the set up roles. but we don't really have anyone else besides Montgomery for relief. Brett Anderson needs to go, either in a trade or to AAA, and Eddie Butler is inconsistent.

    I'd be OK with trading Schwarber /or Baez, along with some minor leaguers, for one or two starting pitchers. We should have traded Schwarber after the World Series last year. we could have gotten Chris Sale, Chris Archer, or any other young starting pitchers.

    Ian Happ has slowed down since his hot start a couple weeks ago. he only got called up due to injuries and we needed a man. send him down back to AAA and let him work on at the plate more.

  • Primo
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    3 years ago

    It's called a World Series hangover. No team in the last 17 years has been the same after they won the World Series.

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