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Is MMA going to be a part of the Olympics?

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    Depends, the process to get into the Olympics is a long one, it's not just like you can instantly get a sport into the Olympics, especially with combat sports, first of the sport need some kind of governing body, so all matches have the same rules and regulations, MMA does not have this right now, especially in the amateur MMA world there are hardly any Governing bodies big enough for them to be considered for the Olympics. I personally hope Muay Thai gets into the Olympics as it is already in the process of getting in as it has been recognized by the IOC (Internation Olympic Commission), to use that as reference Muay Thai's governing body would be the IFMA (Internation Federation of Muay Thai Amateur), they have a very set in stone list of rules and regulations, MMA would need that before even being considered, every other Olympic combat sport has their own Governing Body: ABA (Amateur Boxing Association) for Boxing, IJF (International Judo Federation) for Jude, UWW (United World Wrestling) for both Freestyle and Greco-roman Wrestling and WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) for Taekwondo. So to clarify MMA needs a governing body for amateur MMA with set rules and regulations before they can even be considered for the Olympics and even then they have to go through the process of getting recognized by the IOC before they can have a chance of getting in to the Olympics.

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    I certainly hope not.

  • Robt
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    NOPE obviously

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