Here's an article about fake news attacking Hillary from Macedonia, but also from "4CHAN" a far right nationalist website. Have you ever?

...dealt with them here on the politics board?


Russians and American based white wing nationalist groups (those are Nazis) conspired to put Trump in the White House, if you don't know that already.

Update 2:

Turns out many of our conservative friends here are from 4CHAN.

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    ..... actually describing 4chan as a "far right nationalist website" only signals to me that the author probably has no idea what it is and is relying on the same screeching nonsense that other uninformed individuals say about it. It isn't far right. The author is probably referencing /pol/ if anything, a part of the site dedicated to this kind of stuff that is more specifically accused of being alt-right. Alt-right really doesn’t describe it, and it’s not as nefarious as a lot of people claim. It really shows a lack of understanding or research when that specific forum isn't even mentioned.

    I wouldn't trust the Huffington post on these stories, whether they be on politics, the internet, or related scandals. Despite being a web-based publication, I’ve seen their reporting on on-line things and to be blunt, they’re quite illiterate in all things internet. If it isn’t part of the superficial web, that my grandmother can assess, then they’re out of their depth, and that includes 4chan. Still, the problem is that it’s compounded by a clear and desperate attempt to push a political narrative. The idea that the problems of the left have to be coming from the outside and need to be blamed on external forces is irresponsible, yet it’s constantly pushed instead of looking within.

    So, have I dealt with 4chan trolls from /pol/ - their politics board – on here, Yahoo!Answer’s own politics board? Probably not, this board doesn’t have too much draw to them. Besides, being active on that board is probably a huge time sink in and of itself. Unless they are blunt about their participation on that board, we’d never know: One of 4chan’s drawing points is anonymity.

    Now, all of the above stands even if I think Trump was put into the White House by the Russians and right wing Americans….which I don’t. But even though I don’t, I hope you just don’t dismiss my argument outright. Oh, and another thing: Nationalist groups are not the same thing as Nazis. As a Jew with a Holocaust survivor grandparent, please save the term for the actual thing, thank you.

    Edit: The idea that 4chan has gone conservative would've gotten you ridicule years ago. The fact that the MSM has pushed that image is actually a bit worrisome. Not to say that 4chan doesn't have conservatives - their commitment to free speech and tolerance of political diversity is very appealing to them - bbbbbuuuttt it honestly can't be called such.

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