Catholics, if limbo was never an official teaching of the church, why did it appear in Catholic catechism till 1992?

Only in 1992, John Paul II had limbo removed from catechisms

That means until that period limbo WAS taught officially by the church to the laity in catechism

What good is the catechism for if you can't figure out if it has official or unofficial teaching? Crap. The teachings that appear in catechism today may not appear after 100 years.... This shows the Catholic teaching is NOT consistent and subject to vary depending on the varying mood of their religious leaders.

All the pope and saints throughout the history consistently taught limbo. See below the list of popes, saints and theologians who authoritatively taught limbo in the past

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    You've misunderstood (and consequently misrepresented) the article that you linked.


    The article that you linked is itself extremely vague about the mention of Limbo in the 1992 "Catechism of the Catholic Church".

    Note that the current "Catechism of the Catholic Church" refers to several beliefs that are optional (such as all beliefs relative to the Rosary) and specifies that those beliefs are optional. Did the 1992 "Catechism of the Catholic Church" also describe Limbo as an optional belief?

    2) All the pope and saints throughout the history consistently taught limbo.

    Since you are referring to the "Limbo of the infants" ("Limbus infantium"), I'm pretty sure that statement is demonstrably false. That particular Limbo is apparently first seen in writing the teachings of Augustine of Hippo (late 3rd and early 4th centuries).

    Here is the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia article on the subject

    As you can see (if you read the article), it also credits Augustine with the invention of the "Limbo of the infants", though note that Augustine's description differed from the later descriptions and that the doctrine of a Limbo without punishment for infants did not get any degree of official recognition until the time of St Thomas Aquinas (13th century). I quote:


    ...maintained, at least virtually, what the great majority of later Catholic theologians have expressly taught, that the limbus infantium is a place or state of perfect natural happiness.


    The teaching was not universally accepted in the Roman Catholic Church and was not made official doctrine by the time of the encyclopedia. I quote more passages from that Catholic Encyclopedia article:


    The teaching of St. Thomas was received in the schools, almost without opposition, down to the Reformation period. The very few theologians who, with Gregory of Rimini, stood out for the severe Augustinian view, were commonly designated by the opprobrious name of tortores infantium.



    we must not confound St. Augustine's private authority with the infallible authority of the Catholic Church


    The article in the encyclopedia describes the doctrine of the "Limbo of the infants" as one subject to ongoing dispute by Catholic scholars - not as a doctrine that is official or established.

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    Limbo is just a new term for the old testament view of what happens after death:

    You go to a place where there is no joy or sorrow, no light or dark, no hot or cold, no memory.

    You exist, but you don't really know that you exist.

    It's kind of like a very, very sound sleep that just keeps on going until God decides to change Her mind again about how things are....

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    All religions evolve, over time,

    and adapt to changes in society,

    or go extinct.

    The theory of evolution for biological systems

    applies quite well

    to anything that approximately replicates itself

    (religion memes, in this case)

    and competes with other similar systems.



    John Popelish

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    It simply boils down to the fact that when you get caught doing somethigng wrong, eventually, you stop doing it.

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    The limbo of our fathers is really lower heaven, where the cleansing takes place before they see God face to face.

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    child rape was never "teaching" either - but it happened to tens of thousands of children in catholic churches all over the world, and it continues today!!

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