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Question about religion an To Kill a Mockingbird??

Using the novel, a Bible concordance, and the Bible, compare God's perspective of the following subjects with Lee's (as revealed through her characters). Be sure to document your answers with page numbers from the novel and references from the Bible.

1. swearing

2. justice

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    I'm going to give you a very simplified version and then link a couple of web sites that may help you in the sources. It would be a good idea to learn to Google your question and you'll get plenty of websites that'll help, whereas on here you'll get plenty of Yahoo's who think they look quite intelligent and important calling you out. It doesn't. It just looks immature and petty to anonymously belittle a student. Is that what a homeschooling mom wants? Not this one. If my kid came to me with this question, we have a discussion about it, I wouldn't tell him to go read the book; one can have these questions even after reading the book and good readers and well-educated people discuss what they read.

    Justice: Lee believes that Justice is not a right, that you need to be born white to receive justice in the court system. There is no jury of peers. It's a jury of white men who are not influential enough to get out of jury duty service

    Swearing: Atticus believe the stage all kids go through and will grow out of.

    Now what you need to do is compare the passages in the book to what your church is teaching you about cursing and justice because not all people believe that G#d teaches exactly the same thing.

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      Thank you very much! what you said was also encouraging for me and I really appreciate it! It can definitely get a bit discouraging for someone with dyslexia to have to continue redoing an assignment because I could not fully grasp what the question was asking! Your links helped alot THANK YOU!

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    Read the book. You'll be glad you did.

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      i did lol its very good.

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    The mockingbird was killed, but arose again three days later.

    1. Swearing

    "Do your own fu[ reference to sex]cking homework!"

    2. Justice

    "Asking a question like this, justice too silly to deserve a real answer!"

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