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Can someone please suggest an instant roux for gumbo?

I have tried the powdery Tony Chachere's Instant Roux, but I was wondering if anyone has one they might like. I have seen others like Richard's, Savoie's, and Kary's

Thank you!

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    Instant roux? What trickery is this?

    It's not hard to make a roux yourself. It's just equal amounts of butter and flour. Let the butter melt, and get bubbly then slowly sprinkle in the flour and mix so you get a smooth paste.

    Then let the paste cook a bit longer until the desired darkness is achieved. Stir occasionally.

    If you're going for a darker roux, you might want to finish the roux in the oven - you'll get even, controlled heat which will help ensure you don't burn the roux.

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