Isn't it sad how much our physical health has deteriorated since the days of Noah because of our sin?

When I read the Bible, one of the things that amazes me is how long the patriarchs pre-Flood lived. Noah helped build the ark when he was 600 years old. Most people today, even with our modern medicine which costs millions of dollars, most people older than 90 are unable to live independently, let alone embark on painful physical labor. It's very sad what the effects of sin have done, increasingly causing deterioration of the human body.

But I think this is a signpost for the Gospel. Our Earthly state gets worse corporally, showing the need for a spiritual salvation, which is found only through repentance and faith in Christ.

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  • paul h
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    3 years ago
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    The cause of our lower lifespans is more likely due to an increase in radioactivity after the Flood along with poorer nutrition and harsher climate conditions causing a general gradual increase in genetic defects over the centuries since Noah. Some modern studies suggest that humanity may even become extinct by the end of this century due to ever increasing genetic defects. Maladies like Alzheimers and diabetes are expected to triple by 2040 or so if little progress is made in defeating them. Sinfulness does also affect the human condition and sinful pursuits can lead to an early death yet some like Ben Franklin lived almost twice as long as an average person of his time. People in poor countries often have half the lifespan of those in modern cultures and due to various heath or nutrition issues, poor medical care, lack of clean water, etc.. rather than leading sinful lives or inherent sin.

    A website /book by Dr Walt Brown which graphs the lifespans of pre and post Flood Biblical people and attributes it mostly to an increase in radioactivity and mutations caused by the Flood. Over 1500+ scientific sources in his online book regarding the Flood and other Creation topics.

    Article on Evolution/Darwinism issues / rising genetic defects in humans ...

    "Mendelian inheritance in man is

    an encyclopedia of human genes and the disorders

    and other traits with which they are associated. It has

    been in creation and updating for over 35 years and

    has been computerized for most of that time. In addition

    to the print edition (Figure 1), it has been distributed

    online (OMIM) since 1987 and by compact

    disc (MIM-CDTM) since late 1993. (McKusick,

    1998, Vol. 1, xiii–xviii)

    Apparently, this database in the National Center for Biotechnology

    Information at Johns Hopkins University is the

    best in the world for the current catalog of human genes

    and genetic disorders."

    "Mendelian Inheritance in Man,

    Reported Genetic Disorders 1966 to 1999. The number

    of medically reported genetic disorders in 1966 was

    1,487. The number reported by 1999 was 11,099. A

    curve of best fit has an R2 of 0.995"

    "By 2031, it is estimated (R2 = 0.995) there will be

    100,000 human genetic disorders and by 2096 1,000,000

    (see Figure 3). “At least one clinical disorder has been related

    to 1,318 of the mapped loci (roughly 30%)”

    (McKusick, 1998, Vol. 1, xiii–xviii). That suggests genetic

    disorder saturation of each locus by 2031 and supersaturation

    by 2096. These data confirm human devolution

    and suggest imminent permanent genetic extinction in

    this century"

    "In 1997 from genetic testing, the estimate was that everyone

    on average carried six genetic disorders (Gargus,

    1997). The extrapolation suggests that by 2033 the average

    for every man, woman and child may be 60 or more genetic

    disorders. The data indicate that the greatest mass extinction in the history of the planet is in progress in nonhuman

    life forms at a rate of 30,000 extinctions per year

    and accelerating (Leakey and Lewin, 1996, Chapter 13;

    Mass Extinction References, 1998). The clear message is

    that mutations accelerate the permanent extinction of all

    life forms, including humans. There can be no greater imperative

    than educating students and parents to those facts."

  • 3 years ago

    its sad that you believe your own crap story....

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Only since the fall of Adam and Eve.

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  • jimmy
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    3 years ago

    LOL. Absolute load of rubbish.

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  • 3 years ago

    Romans 5:12 shows even before the days Noah Adams sin caused death and sickness to mankind. However God promises soon to eliminate this problem. Revelation 21:3,4

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  • Cogito
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    3 years ago

    When I read the Bible, one of the things that amazes me is how on earth anyone can actually believe all that total nonsense!

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  • 3 years ago

    yes it is sad

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  • 3 years ago

    Yeah, think of that! Why are all those people so old?

    Even Dumbledore lived for more than 100 years without being weakened, and didn't die of old age. He was assassinated. Nicholas Flamel is still alive at over 600 years old.

    Maybe the answer is that we are losing the magic and we are all becoming muggles? or that we have lost the secret of making the Philosopher's Stone?

    What do you mean it's just fiction? So what? So is your book.

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  • Tony R
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    3 years ago

    Yes, the bible claims people lived 600 years, but that is the only place you will find such assertions.

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  • 3 years ago

    I think your question is an example of how our mental state is getting worse.

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