Name This Family?

Surname: must be a noun


FN: must end with an A (or an A sound)

MN: must be biblical


FN: must start with an N

MN: must be a color

They have 5 children (you can pick the gender)!

Child 1

FN: must be a the name of a disney character

MN: must be plant inspired

Child 2

FN: must be 6 letters long

MN: something common and classic

Child 3

FN: must end with an E

MN: must be an animal

Child 4

FN: must be an irish name

MN: must have a B in it

Child 5

FN: must be a name that's usually a nickname

MN: must be a hawaiian name

11 Answers

  • Meegz
    Lv 5
    3 years ago

    The Baker Family :)

    • Ezra Jacob Baker & Nora Scarlet Baker

    - Ariel "Arya" Rose Baker

    - Bennet Theodore

    - Adeline "Addie" Delphine Baker

    - Mackenzie "Mac" Brigid Baler

    - Jamie Ryan Baker

  • 3 years ago


    Luca Noah

    Nina Jade

    Ariel Ivy

    Melody Isabelle

    Dante Lynx

    Alana Brielle

    Bastian Kai

  • • North •

    Dad - age 39

    • Elijah Solomon North 'Eli'

    Mum - age 40

    • Natalia Cerise North (nee Jameson) 'Nattie'

    Daughter - age 11

    • Elsa Daisy North 'Elsie'

    Daughter - age 10

    • Alexis Lucy North 'Lexie'

    Son - age 8

    • Charlie Fox North

    Son - age 6

    • Finlay Benjamin North

    Daughter - age 4

    • Maisie Lani North

    "Elijah + Natalia; Elsa, Alexis, Charlie, Finlay + Maisie"

    "Eli + Nattie; Elsie, Lexie, Charlie, Finn + Maisie"


  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    The Woods Family

    Jonah Abraham + Naomi Hazel

    Child 1 - Flynn Jarred

    Child 2 - Violet Elizabeth

    Child 3 - Jesse Phoenix

    Child 4 - Liam Jacob

    Child 5 - Emmie Leilani

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  • 3 years ago

    Judah James Riddle + Norah Jade Riddle

    * Alice Lily Riddle

    * Maiven Claire Riddle

    * Cole Madigan Riddle

    * Ava Bristol Riddle

    * Nellie Maile Riddle

  • Hannah
    Lv 6
    3 years ago

    Elijah Caleb "Eli" Storm

    Naomi Jade Storm

    Ariel Ivy "Ari" Storm

    Oliver William Storm

    Rosalie Lark "Rosie" Storm

    Kieran Caleb Storm

    Ellie Kailani Storm

  • 3 years ago

    Luca John and Natalie Hazel Gates

    (B) Donald Gideon (12)

    (B) Carter Thomas (twin 9)

    (G) Sadie Raven (twin 9)

    (G) Keeley Abigail (6)

    (B) Johnny Bane (4)

    -Luca and Nattie, Donnie, Carter, Sadie, Keeley, and Johnny Gates

  • EmCee
    Lv 7
    3 years ago

    Juda Malachi Archer

    Nellie Hazel Archer

    Aurora Ivy Archer

    Samson Nicholas Archer

    Beatrice Wren Archer

    Callaghan Abbot Archer

    Wes Pekelo Archer

  • Dad - Ezra Matthew Butler

    Mum - Naomi Violet Butler

    - Jasmine Lily Butler

    - Isobel Jessica Butler

    - Sophie Wren Butler

    - Aedan Sebastian Butler

    - Charlie Keanu Butler

  • Paula
    Lv 7
    3 years ago

    Ezra David Carpenter

    Nicole Violet Carpenter

    (G) Ariel Rose Silver (12)

    (B) Graham Henry Silver (10)

    (G) Rose Birdie Silver (7)

    (B) Casey Benjamin Silver (5)

    (G) Francesca Leilani Silver (2) “Frankie”

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