Is it the Liberals or the Conservatives who believe that men should never hit women back?

Firstly no stupid answers if anyone gives stupid answers they will be reported. Okay I'm always confused when it comes to Liberals and Conservatives. I was reading a lot of articles online saying that it's the Conservatives who believe that men should never hit women back and instead they should walk away because they are supposed to be traditional and instead Liberals believe that if a woman hits you have every right to hit her back since they believe in equality. But I have a friend who's always telling me that it's the Liberals who have a problem with men hitting women back while Conservatives believe in hitting women back this got me frustrated. I'm all down for gender equality but I also believe in hitting women if they hit me first especially if that woman is going to act very violent towards me I don't consider myself Liberal or Conservative but I have been very curious of which of these groups believes that women should be put on a pedestal and be given every power in chivalry. Can somebody please give me details which of these groups believes that colors such as Blue and Pink have to do with sexes even though colors have no gender. Which of these guys believe that a man should take off his coat and lay it down on a puddle for a woman to walk on. Guys should leave the door open for a woman. Guys should say ladies first. Guys should never yell at a woman. Guys should sleep on the couch after an argument with wife. Is it Liberals or Conservatives who believes that?


I know a lot of MGTOW members who are Liberal and I know a lot of them who are Conservative can somebody please tell me who believes that women should be given higher status and more power is it the Liberals or Conservatives

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  • 4 years ago

    I'm pretty sure no one thinks women should be hitting men unchecked and men should never be able to defend themselves. I'm pretty sure it's a bipartisan opinion that no one should be hitting anyone...

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    4 years ago

    Neither Liberals are mostly full of self hating Manginas who feel guilty of their manhood while Conservatives are mostly full of White Knights who believe that women should be cherished because they are inferior to men. As for you mentioning blue and pink for sexes and other chivalrous lists which you've specified this is something that is done by conservative men to show that men are superior to women therefore they use benevolent sexism to show their superiority although colors as of 21st century do not truly have sexes anymore because America has now become somewhat liberal where women can also wear blue and guys can also wear pink without him being seen as a homosexual. Liberal men on the other hand tend to loathe chivalry only towards women because they consider it SEXIST and instead they use chivalry towards both men and women. So I would say it's mostly conservative

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    That is not a political issue.

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