What to do for a sprained ligament if ice doesn't seem to work?

So, I had gotten into a car accident a few weeks ago...and about a day or 2 later, I had gone to see a doctor because I was experiencing pain in different areas of my body.

Then, about a week ago, I followed up with my actual doctor where he told me I had a ligament sprain and recommended me to get a compression sleeve...

*Note: I did ice before heat & my doctor recommended me to go onto heat...And the other day, when I had gone somewhere with a friend, I was wearing my compression brace, but I took it off so it wouldn't get wet from what I was eating...and one of her other friends were there too and said: "You're bone isn't supposed to stick out like that." They both agreed that that particular bone is swollen...

And yesterday, it started hurting pretty bad...so I did attempt to elevate it last night since I had not been doing that lately & I sleep on my left side & it's my left wrist, but I do my best not to lay on it.

And I had iced it for a little bit last night along with for at least 15-20 mins. this morning. So to me, it looks like the swelling went down a little bit, but not as much as it should have.

So, should I try icing it more frequently throughout the day? Or is it possible that going from cold & hot water might work? So what should I do and/or try for it? Both ice & heat feel fine & good on it, I just don't know how to get that bone back to it's normal size.


@Anonymous That was the very first center I had gone to & they had taken x-rays and the doctor just ended up giving me a splint for my wrist.

And I already know how to handle claims & stuff. I'm already waiting for bills 2 come in the mail, but I need a diff. of way of sending them to the insurance company b/c I don't have a fax machine. And my dad's helping me out w/some stuff too. The reason ik how to handle claims is cuz this is not my 1st accident, but last time, I wasn't injured.

Update 2:

@y Thank you for your answer. And I actually am taking prescription medication for pain. And I normally use ice when the pain gets really bad to the point where it almost makes me want to cry...

And my doc recommended a compression sleeve, but I am using something more like a splint...so I'm gonna try a sleeve out & see if it helps which it actually might. But in the meantime, I'll use the brace. And I'm also doing the best I can to limit my movement with my wrist.

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  • 4 years ago

    Go back to the doctor. TODAY.

    No one here can diagnose the problem over the internet, and this is more damage from your injuries. It will be a followup appointment.

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    4 years ago

    I'm having difficulty trying to figure out what you are asking. Ice can be used 15 or so off and on throughout the whole day as needed. In your case, a few times won't really do anything for you. You need to be using it whenever you do something with that wrist. If you know you are about to use it is the only time you should be using heat. You should also be using some sort of anti-inflammatory meds. If there is no sign of improvement in a two weeks, go back to the doc. X-rays don't show tissue damage, might see too much or to little spacing between bones and such but really only show breaks. In the ankles and wrist sometimes they have to allow the swelling to go down to be able to manipulate the joint for different angles. In order to see a break. Ligaments/tendons and such, can take a year or more to actually heal.

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