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What does this text message on my younger sister's text mean (she sent it to me by accident)?

It seems like trouble and she is with the wrong crowds which is why I am marking this anonymous (I usually don't). She is 16 and I am 31. She sent it by accident meaning for it to go to someone else.

It read LH6 or I will KMS and then got to stop CD9.

She is always threatening herself if she doesn't get her way. I fear she may be suicidal but our mother says it is an attention seeking thing. She does self-mutilate sometimes and my mother doesn't believe in psychologists so won't take her other then the school counselor.

The other one read ADR LMIRL IWSN but I doubt anyone will know what that means and I have no clue.

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    If you truly feel your sister is in danger emotionally, have a conversation with your mother and if necessary, take action to get her the help you feel she needs. As a first step, have a conversation with your sister's school counselor and emphasize your concern for her overall well-being. There is a fine line between deliberate attention seeking and something more sinister, so be proactive and bring your sister's behavior to a professional's attention. Ultimately, given your mother's seeming indifference, if necessary, see what you can in accordance with your state's laws where you can become legal guardian for your sister.

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    you need to ask your sister, shes the only one that could ever know what it means

  • Susan
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    3 years ago

    First of all, ask your mother WHY she thinks your kid sister needs to use "attention-getting" devices & why she doesn't DO something about it!

  • 3 years ago

    1st one: let's have sex now, or I will kill myself--and then warning (got to stop-cd9) that they have to stop because someone is watching...or in room...

    2nd one:

    all due respect, let's meet in real life, I want sex now.

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  • 3 years ago

    I am really sorry about your sister, but I have no idea what those abbreviations mean. Good luck!

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