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Smith and Wesson vs Colt M1917 Revolver?

What are the differences between the two and which one is considered the better of the two..

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    The S&W M1917 is distinguishable from the Colt M1917 in that the S&W cylinder had a shoulder machined into it to permit rimless .45 ACP cartridges to headspace on the case mouth (as with automatic pistols). The S&W M1917 could thus be used without the half-moon clips, though the empty cases would have to be poked-out manually through the cylinder face, since the extractor star cannot engage the rimless cases.

    While these revolvers were originally blued, S&W M1917 revolvers rebuilt during and after World War II may have been parkerized during arsenal rebuild or under a refurbish contract with S&W.

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    Smith&Wesson makes or made over 60 models of revolvers. Which one are you trying to compare to the M1917?

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