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What's your opinion of these three former Hong Kong leaders: Tung-Chee Hwa, Donald Tsang and CY Leung?

In your opinion, who’s considered the best Chief Executive in Hong Kong history Tung-Chee Hwa , Donald Tsang or CY Leung? Why do so many Hong Kong people dislike/hate Mr. Tung and Leung so much compared to Donald Tsang?

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    tung-chee hwa was probably the best of the three. i think many people consider tsang more western.

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    Because the evil foreign power(s) has spent tons of money in Hong Kong in the name of NGOs, brainwashing the Hong Kong people to go against the governments.

    I don't know much about Tung, because I did not pay much attention to the politics in that period of time.

    I don't know much about Tsang, I only know that he was a Christian but went astray and ended up in jail.

    For Leung, I paid more attention to the politics during his administration, and I found him to be a very good leader. I like him a lot.

    There is no true universal suffrage in the world, maybe that is because it actually does not work. Look at America, there is a rumor that there is a shadow government in the white house. If that is true, there is not a true universal suffrage even in America.

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    Without real universal suffrage in deciding a real good leader, HK continues wasting time and opportunities with no one dare moving forward a good road map for the territory.

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