Request for an Identification of a Computer Game from Approximately the Year 2000?

I have a request for identification of a relatively old game, approximately from around the year 2000. It was a sort of an interactive game set in a boy's room, where on the main in-game screen of the game was the said boy with a short haircut, standing in the middle of his room. As far as I can remember, to the right of the screen, from the player's, not that boy's perspective, was the room entrance door, behind that boy was his bed, further behind the bed was, I guess, his closet, and to the left of the screen a game playing machine/an arcade gaming machine. The interactivity of that computer game as a whole was basically that you could select certain activatable parts of that room, which in turn moved you to the entertainment activity related with that part. I guess that, for example, in case of that gaming machine, the entertainment activity was about launching some sort of space rocket.

If anyone has a clue what the name of that game was, I would be grateful for your answer

1 Answer

  • 4 years ago

    Sounds almost like a Pajama Sam game

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