Low GPA and grades first semester of community but have hopes of transfering to Study a STEM degree! What should I do?

I just finished my first semester of college with a 2.2 GPA which isn t good! My grades are W in English, D in Intermediate Algebra,B in Introduction to Ethics,and a B in First year seminar! I missed a lot of school because I Got really sick and had transportation issues! It was also hard adjusting to the pace and learning how to study both by method and putting in the time! It was also hard managing my time to go get help from the tutors and didn t think I did that enough because I work part time.Intermediate Algebra won t transfer becuase it s remedial but still counts toward my GPA and a D is high enough to move on to the next math course but isn t good and makes it almost impossible to raise my GPA to atleast a 3.5 by the time I transfer out. I didn t do great in high school either and graduated with a 2.8 GPA. You would think that a D in Math means i m not good at it but I excelled or did ok in most of my math courses in high school but my last failures in Math were not passing a math standardized test in high school and when i was a freshman I barely passed 8th grade math. I really love science and excelled in science in school. I withdrew from English because I got so behind.I wanna Study Civil or Environmental Engineering, Meteorology, Earth Science, or Zoology. this summer, I m gonna work on a math program called Edready to strengthen my foundation before moving on to the next math course. Has there been anybody in this situation and still later on got a STEM Degree?

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    You absolutely can still get a STEM degree, but the issues you have that prevent you from doing well in your classes have to be dealt with. If you will continue to have transport issues for now, for example, you either need to resolve those now so you can get to class, or take your classes online next term, to give you more time to resolve them. So if you have roadblocks, you either need to destroy them, or find ways around them. But if you can do that, why can't you get a STEM degree?

    I agree that you need to improve your math skills before you go forward, and I like your plan for this summer. Make sure you actually do it. Set aside time each week to do the EDready work. Schedule it in as if it's a class (so for example, every M, W and F from 11-1 you do that work, or etc.)

    Similarly for the tutoring - next term, start going to the tutoring center early, and schedule it in like it's a class. For example, once per week, on Fridays, from 9-10, you go to the tutoring center. Period. No excuses.

    And approach next term as your second chance. But set yourself up now, so you can get to class, and do well next term.

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    Read what you posted. It would appear that you are not mentally, financially, logistically, or academically prepared to do well in college right now. Don't go back until you have some of your issues handled. If you need to work, then you shouldn't take four classes, take two. If you can't get to campus, then you need to get that figured out or take classes online. If you aren't academically or intellectually capable of college-level work, you need to do a reality check. If you are, then get your act together and cut out the other distractions that are keeping you from doing well. Even if you got a 4.0 next semester with the same number of classes, you'd only have a 3.4 GPA. So you need to take it slower and understand that the goal is good grades, not rushing through.

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    I would be concern about your math skills. Meteorology and environmental engineering will require good math skills. Not only for your major but for your job. Doing poorly on math on standardized tests is. A big concern. Many STEM majors require math up to calculus and physics. And you are going to need to take more than 12 credit per semester.

    You need to be able to attend all classes. your transportation issues must be solved. Get to the tutoring center right as classes start, and keep going. See how you do over the summer and next semester.

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      I failed that standardized test because I couln't concentrate when I did it!

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    Join the military.

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      I don't wanna go to the military! That's for pricks!

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