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? asked in Science & MathematicsBiology · 3 years ago

Genetic: Particular cases including crossing over Please help !!! (homework) (problem 2 and 3)?

i study ICT so i clearly didn't know anything about genetic or biology. But at my university, the school still forces all the students to learn about genetic, biology because the majority of student study environmental engineering

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  • 3 years ago
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    2. By looking at the genes that the father and mother have, and comparing those to the alleles in their first son, you can figure out that the arrangement of genes in the father's two chromosomes are: A1 B24 Cw7 and A2 B10 Cw4. The mother's two chromosomes are: A1 B11 Cw7 and A1 B7 Cw5. Because the recombination frequency is very low, these genes are effectively always inherited as a group. So, these two parents can produce 4 combinations of these genes in their offspring. So, the probability of a second son having the same set of alleles as the first son is 25%.

    3. For 2 genes that are not linked, you would expect to see a 9:3:3:1 ratio in their offspring. The offspring from this cross are pretty close to that ratio, so I would say they are probably not linked.

    The two parents would be wt wt / wt wt and ss / BB . The first generation offspring genotype would be wt/s B/wt.

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