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Was Aaron Hernandez's suicide actually a smart move?

Massachusetts law mandates that dead guys get their convictions dropped if they drop during an appeals process. Now Mrs Hernandez and the baby will procure juicy NFL wife benefits.

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    He only played 3 years.

    He voided his contract with the Pats. He has no pension from the NFL coming. And he's dead. The only money he'll ever get from the league is what he was paid in his 3 year career.

    He may be smart in that spending life in prison cannot be a very good time..... but his family won't get anything. Generally even life insurance is voided if a person commits suicide. So there isn't even that.

  • 3 years ago

    Would the outcome determine whether it was actually smart? the court is full of rules, regulations, and unforseen administrative errors. Anything could happen depending on what they dig up. Hopefully his daughter is young enough where it won't seem to impact her much

  • 3 years ago

    That handsome devil did not kill himself. God I'm gonna miss that statue of a man.It really hurt me someone so young so handsome so nice is gone. Live fast, Die young, Leave a good looking corpse. Pardon my candor.

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