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why is the Mayor,supporters,illegals outraged & very upset that illegals are NOT suppose to be arrested in sanctuary jurisdiction?

Gerardo Diaz-Rodriguez, a Mexican national, was arrested by ICE deportation officers on May 4 during a targeted enforcement operation in conjunction with the U.S. Marshals Service Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, ICE said in a statement.

Diaz-Rodriguez was initially arrested on April 20 in Clayton County on a misdemeanor charge while using a fictitious name and was released. An ICE deportation officer later reviewed the record and discovered that Diaz-Rodriguez used a fictitious name and that there was an active warrant out for his arrest in Cook County, Illinois. Diaz-Rodriguez was taken into custody and re-booked into Clayton County jail on May 4 and is waiting to be extradited to Cook County to face a charge of aggravated sexual abuse.


“While Cook County’s practice of denying ICE access to its facilities and refusing to honor any ICE detainer is a serious threat to public safety, this agency nevertheless is acting in good faith to return a fugitive to justice,” Gallagher said. “ICE takes this action despite the fact Cook County would not do the same in return and will almost certainly necessitate the expenditure of limited ICE resources to recapture this individual in the future.”

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    Illegals pay a lot of taxes and if they are kick out or threatened they stop spending money. Kick out the illegals and now the state may be on the hook for 3 times the number of people on welfare and food stamps. God is good and God is great the easiest way to break the state and federal government is to get rid of working, tax paying people. Don't say they don't pay taxes, try paying rent, property taxes, buy a car, food all taxes, utilities, phones all taxes.

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