Does it seem like this brand of medication changed and if so how?

I take klopopin from the brand par pharmaceuticals and on the box it always read that they are from spring valley, NY and now it says chestnut ridge, NY. It also always used to say par pharmaceuticals cos inc and now it just says par pharmaceuticals.

What does it sound like changed?

Do you think par is still the same par now with the same people making the medication?

What would be the reason for a change in towns on the box after nine years of being the same?

And if for some reason if they moved what could be the reason being that it's such a large facility, and do you think the medication was kept in a safe place if they did move?

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  • 4 years ago
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    its probably just different packaging from the same company. even if it is a different make it doesn't matter, if there the same dose they're still good. you would know if they were fakes, you'd be ill and withdrawing unable to function within a day or two without them!

    so unless thats happening id say theyre good.

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