If ohio and Ontario were people in a conversation, what would it be about?

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    Ohio: Once you know love, you don’t know how to find love. Yeah, once you know love, you don’t know how to find new love.

    Ontario: ?? All I wanted to say was that my province here has way more of a population than any other province in Canada.

    Ohio: I thought you were going to debate about something else.

    Ontario: Oh, but that song is beautiful.

    Ohio: Some people were here. They started singing this song in 2009.

    I think they are called The Low Anthem.

    Ontario: I like their name.

    Ohio: I’m lonely.

    Ontario: Me, too, even though many people live here. It just gets so not fun. I’m always lonely.

    Ohio: Sometimes I wish I was with you, but things are just like this.

    Ontario: Yeah.

    Ohio: *hugs Ontario*

    Ontario: *hugs Ohio*

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