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Basketball ~ What's the best basketball team you could put together from NFL players of any era?

PG Deion Sanders 6'1

SG Randy Moss 6'4

SF Tony Gonzalez 6'4

PF Julius Peppers 6'6

C Richard Sligh 7'0

G Donovan McNabb 6'2

G Vincent Jackson 6'5

G/F Harold Carmichael 6'8

G/F Antonio Gates 6'4

F Leon Lett 6'6

F Ed "Too Tall" Jones 6'9

C Jonathan Ogden 6'9


Almost all of the players I mentioned played in college. Of those that didn't: Deion was at least as good at basketball as he was at baseball. He was all-state in high school. .He chose not to play basketball to focus on the other sports. Leon Lett was well known as a very good basketball player with an insane vertical jump for his size. In fact, basketball is what got Lett noticed. Deion, Gonzalez and Moss were offered NBA contracts. Gates could have played in the NBA if he had wanted to.

Update 2:

Yeah, there are a couple guys who are there for their size (Sligh) but you need height to compete with NBA teams and besides, it's not like Yao Ming was breaking ankles or anything.

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    You would have to look at players who played basketball in college and not only their heights. Antonio Gates indeed played PF at Kent State, others like Julius Peppers (another great pick) played some college basketball but ended up focusing on football.


    Then I will do the starters and sixth man

    SF Antonio Gates, averaged 20.6 points, 7.7 rebounds and 4.1 assists as a senior, did you know Kent State went to the elite 8?

    PF Julius Peppers, his basketball stats won't impress you because he was a backup at UNC waiting for his moment to start.

    C Jimmy Graham, played basketball with the U

    SG Cris Carter, played basketball with Ohio State

    PG Kenny Easley, drafted by the Chicago Bulls

    Reserve: Otto Graham, played professionally for the Rochester Royals at the NBL winning a championship ring

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    So what you think being tall will mean they are good at basketball? I'd be looking at guys like Randle El who I knew played basketball as well. I mean Tony Gonzalez is a legit pick, but most of these it looks lik eoh they are tall they would be good.

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