Is this a good gaming pc build?

I m not savvy with what brands are good and which ones not to trust. I want to build a monster gaming computer but at the same time I don t want to build something that is going to be TOO much machine (overqualified). As an extreme example, 4 graphics cards when all I really need is 1. I want it to be able to run the most demanding games on 4k. The build I linked is almost $4000. That seems like a bit of overkill. Any advice is appreciated.


Also, I would like to it for video editing.

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  • PCMR
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    It's a weird build. You're spending too much money in to many areas that aren't getting you a good return.

    Video editing is generalized. A lot of editing comes down to the programs you're using and the resolutions. If you're editing at 1080p then you don't need to get 64gb of RAM. It's actually painful to see someone spend $700 on RAM, when you consider how expensive RAM is at this time.

    Now If I was going to run two of those GTX 1080ti cards in SLI with an overclocked CPU, an 850w power supply wouldn't be enough and even a 1000w power supply is cutting it close. There is nothing wrong with a large power supply since it will be more reliable, run cooler, and it doesn't cost too much more than a version that gives out less output. Granted, SLI isn't the way to go unless you absolutely needed it.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    It looks sweet but there are unneeded parts, like the 1tb 850 pro drive and the BD drive.

    You're going to get the same performance out of an 850 evo or MX300. The 850 is sweet though. The 960 evo 1tb might be a better pick. It is faster, especially with larger files.

    There are better options for video editing. The 7700k is a great gaming CPU and good for a few other things. For video editing though, I would either go with a Ryzen 7 CPU or wait for Intel to release their Socket 2066 processors.

    At 4k resolutions there is no difference between the Ryzen 7 processors and any Core i7. The 7700k is only good when you want your framerates to be above 100fps.

    SLI support has become horrendous and no one really recommends it anymore. Unless you're a kooky YouTuber that's funded by hardware companies.

  • 4 years ago

    If you want it for video editing, I suggest a Ryzen 7 instead. It is a bit weaker than the i7 in gaming, but gaming at resolutions above 1080p makes it less dependent on the CPU and because it has twice the number of cores and threads it will be a lot better for video editing.

    -Better CPU for video editing.

    -Better cooler

    -You really don't need 64GB RAM. 32GB is enough for video editing, and the Flare X series is specifically designed for the AM4 platform and doesn't have the memory speed issues that a lot of other kits have had. Ryzen is more dependent on RAM speed than Intel is, so that speed is necessary for the best performance.

    -NVMe boot drive and more storage

    -Cheaper 1080 Ti models. If you're planning to buy the new 4K 144 Hz monitor for around $2000 when it comes out, keep the 2 1080 Tis. If you just want 4K 60 Hz, get a single 1080 Ti and a 750W or 850W PSU instead.

    -Better-looking case.

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