Why are the rooms in the White House themed?

I know the red room is called that because it is red, I also know the green room is called that because it is green. But who came up with that design? Why?

The China Room is more understandable, because you put all of the China in there for display purposes.

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    3 years ago
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    They have been renovated piecemeal over the years by the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan. Mrs R had a passion for red and did over what became the Red Room, with no greater historical accuracy other than a whim. She also did the bedrooms using hand painted Chinese papers - chinoiserie design is usually more about oriental decoration and motifs than just porcelain.

    English country houses conventionally referred to their rooms by function, colour or style, whatever was most obvious: eg most 18th century houses had a 'Chinese Room' and with separate drawing rooms for different purposes, those were usually identified by colour. Library, Dining Room and Powder Room reflected the functions.

    The Diplomatic Reception Room (with the Zuber papers installed by Jackie Kennedy) is known by its function, but The Blue Room by Pat Nixon is by the rather striking colour.

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    The rooms in the White House (or any other large house) are not "themed". If you have twenty bedrooms and they are all decorated differently (it's not a hotel, after all) then it's easy to refer to them by their appearance. It's either that or give them all numbers, which would seem impersonal (like a hotel) and not like a private home.

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