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Help with answering questions following a Latin translation? (Cincinnatus)?

Primis annis rei publicae, Cincinnato consule, magna altercatio (altercation) inter patres (patricians) et plebem (plebs) evenit. Causa erat pecunia, qua paene tota plebs premebatur. Plebs auxilium a consulibus petivit, sed id non accepit. Tandem plebs ad Sacrum Montem secessit; patribus sola spes erat in concordia civium, et consilium ceperunt . Plebi creare suos magistratos, appellatos tribunos, permiserunt.

Eodem tempore, senatores eum remanere consulem voluerunt (wanted). Cincinnatus senatoribus dixit, "Plebs eosdem tribunos iterum et iterum legere cupiebat. Illis hanc potestatem cedere noluistis (you did not want). Igitur, nunc vos non agere potestis (you are able) id quod non permisistis (you did not permit); me consulem iterum creari (to be made) non permittam." Alius consul factus est.

Post paucos annos, hostis exercitum Romanum cinxit (surrounded) . Hoc nuntiato, Cincinnatus consensu (consensus) omnium dictator dictus est. Legati (envoys), a senatu missi, eum trans Tiberim agros colentem invenerunt. Cincinnatus uxorem togam ferre (to bring) iussit. Tum, apte (appropriately) vestitus, ad urbem processit, celeriter exercitum liberavit, hostes sub iugum misit. Ad agrum rediit (he went back), et dictaturam sex menses acceptam sexto decimo die deposuit.

1. What was the significance of the toga in the story?

2. What was the task he was to complete?

3. How much time did he need to complete the task assigned to his dictatorship?


I know how to translate the paragraph. I just need help with these three questions.

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    In the first years of the republic, Cincinnatus was consul, a great struggle (altercation) between fathers (Romans) and the people (people) event. The cause of a very large sum, by which nearly the whole people, when it is pressed. People asked for help from the consulate, but it has not received. At last the people, when he withdrew to the Sacred Mountain; the only hope for was in an agreement of the citizens, and formed a plan. The plebs to create their own magistrates, called tribunes, brought them together. At the same time, the senators wanted to remain consul (wanted). Namely senators, "thousands same population wanted to read it again and again. Notwithstanding this power to them (you did not want). So, now you are not able to do (you are able), which did not permit (you did not permit); I consul again (to be made) does not permit. "Another made consul. After a few years, the enemy surrounded the Roman army (surrounded). It had been reported, they agreed (consensus) of dictator it. Representatives (envoy), the Senate were sent to him to the other side of the Tiber, cultivating his fields. Cincinnatus ordered his wife his toga (to bring) he ordered. Then, appropriately (appropriately) is clothed in, proceeded to the city, he will quickly liberated the army, the enemy under the yoke, and to live on. returned to his field (he went back), and..............

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