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What to name my hamster?

I recently adopted a hamster for my birthday. She only has the use of 3 legs so was getting bullied by the other hamsters. She is ginger and white in colour, although has little darker spots on her ears and the top of her head. She is so active, and climbs everywhere in her cage, and completely trashes the place. She is very sassy and very clever. I don t want to give her the normal sort of hamster name such as cookie or toffee . I was thinking maybe a funny name maybe initals that stood for something, or a name that would fit her personality. I thought maybe Rizzo or Esme or Esther but I m not sure. Any suggestions?



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    spice, rizlar, razzle, ruffles, Helga, bindi, venus, beula, ziggy, tequila , Kerry, Kilda, kez, tia, casey, cairo, sassy, pagan, charm, paisley, kelso, truro, tilly, fern, fluer, Odette, sparkey, salsa, nugget, klondyke, eden, thistle, Ursula, gisel, ruby, reba,.

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    Ginger perhaps, or maybe Cassi, short for Cassiopeia.

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