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Foot is swollen from a bug bite?

2 days ago, on Saturday, I was outside at night doing a campfire. I noticed soon after the top of my foot was feeling incredibly itchy and I assumed it was a normal mosquito bite because of the raised white lumps on my skin. On Monday, two days after, the area around the top of my foot is now blazing red and swollen and sometimes yellow fluid will leak from one of the raw patches of skin. I assume it's doing this because I scratched it a bit in my sleep last night?

I provided a picture, not sure if it will help much. I live in Alabama in the United States.

Does anyone know if this could potentially be a spider bite or something else? I'm not feeling any other symptoms currently besides the itching, swelling, and very minor pain because of the fact it's swollen and it's uncomfortable.

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    It's not a spider bite-- they don't itch. You could've gotten stung by any number of insects; a hornet or wasp, an asp, fire ant, etc. Take NSAIDS and an antihistamine for the swelling, plus use hydrocortisone cream for the itch.

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    Yup, looks like you're gonna die.

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